Junior Golf – Sally Krystyn

I was surprised and honored to receive the 2015 Central Section Junior Leader of the Year Award.  I was especially honored because I know each and EVERY ONE of our LPGA members does a great job every day to grow the game of golf and many of us do focus our teaching on junior golf.  There are some fantastic leaders in our organization and I am always proud to say I am a part of such a phenomenal group of women. 

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In 2015 I was fortunate to get my US KIDS Golf Coaching certification in Denver, CO.  It was a great compliment to what I’ve learned going through all the TPI Junior Certifications (Levels 2&3).  Even though I felt I knew a lot of what US Kids Coaching Program taught, it really helped me implement more FUN and more games into our programs.   It also really helped me be more confident in fitting juniors and able to tell parents how very important fitting is for kids even if it meant spending more money.

In 2015, we added new shorter tees that are 4506 yards to our golf course, and next year I hope to put 2 additional sets of “Junior” Tees out.  Our golf course doesn’t set up well for kids and is difficult to walk so I’m always trying to come up with ways to give our juniors more playing experience.   Playing games at every clinic station helped with giving the juniors the sense of playing versus just practicing.  In the spring and fall we have about 3-4 classes per week for our juniors and in the summer we offer about 7 per week.  I started an all-girls program called “The Glen Girls” in 2013 which has been very successful and in 2015 I started an “Early Start” class for ages 3-5.  

Also this past year I started writing monthly articles on junior golf for a local golf magazine.  The articles consisted of Club Fitting For Juniors, Making Golf FUN, Developing Super Star Golfers & Help your Junior Learn to Putt, The Fun Way.   I will continue writing monthly articles in 2016.

In January 2014 I started a group here in KC which is now called the KC Women’s Golf Coalition.  The group consists of women working in the golf industry.  We have golf fitness professionals, merchandisers, PGA and LPGA professionals, College Coaches, Chiropractors and other women in the industry as part of our group.   The reason for starting this group was to provide continuing education locally at a low cost and I felt we could accomplish more as a group to impact our community then we could individually.  Our mission is to grow women’s and girls’ golf in Kansas City and the surrounding areas and to give back to the community by helping and empowering women to achieve their personal, health and wellness, career, financial, recreational or other aspirations.  To accomplish this, our events will always give to a local or national women’s charity which helps women in these areas of their lives. 

Our first event was the 2015 KC Women’s Golf Clinic on October 19.  We had approximately 75 Women attend the clinic and had 15 Female PGA or LPGA Instructors.   We had two local women’s organizations who were our beneficiaries, and we raised $8000 for them!!  Our own central section Teacher of the Year, Sue Weiger, was our Keynote Speaker and also taught a group the entire day!!    The day turned out to be spectacular and the best part of all of it was to be around all the amazing teachers from across the US who came to teach and give of their time and energy to all the amazing women who attended. 

In 2016, the KC Women’s Golf Coalition will put on 2 major events and hopefully some smaller ones throughout the year.   The 2nd Annual KC Women’s Golf Clinic will be held (hopefully) in the spring (details to come soon!!) and also we will be putting on the 1st Annual KC GIRLS GOLF DAY.  

If you are interested in teaching either clinic in 2016 please contact me at golfwithsally@gmail.com.  Compensation for teaching the KC Women’s Golf Clinic is $450 for the day and there will also be compensation for the girls’ clinic. 

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