Member Profile: Michelle Holmes

Member Profile:

NE Michelle Holmes 1

Michelle Holmes, LPGA

Director of Instruction, Michelle Holmes School of Golf

How did you get into golf?

I began to develop an interest in the game at ten years of age. My Dad and his family always had a great love and passion for the game. He took me to a local driving range where I was approached by the local Golf Professional. He asked me if I would compete in a few junior activities that night, simply to even out the numbers. I won myself two movie theater tickets and I couldn’t wait to return the following week. 

What are some highlights/accomplishments that you have had in your career?

My biggest honor was definitely receiving U.S Kids Top 50 Kids Teachers Award.

What are some of your hobbies/interests besides golf?

I love spending time with my family, playing tennis and going to the gym.

You are passionate about junior golf. What it is about junior golf that draws you to it?

At the end of the day, Junior Golfers are not only the future of the game, they are the present. They are your club’s current customers and they are your club’s future members. Our Mission at Michelle Holmes School of Golf is to “Create experiences that will encourage kids to play the game forever”.

What is your best advice about teaching juniors?

Keep it fun and challenging. Provide a fun environment where kids feel secure to learn and grow.   Let the kids fall in love with the game first—the rest will follow.

Ensure that the parents, coaches and kids are all working together. Each child’s journey in golf is unique. Some dream of playing on tour, while others simple use it as an extra-curricular activity. Regardless of the child’s goal, it’s important that the child, parent and coach are all working towards the same result.

Correct equipment is key. “A child should grow out of their equipment, not into it”.

Why are you a LPGA T&CP Member?

I like to work with and learn from the best. 

What would you like to see for yourself and the T&CP in the future?

I would like to see myself exactly where I am but on a larger scale of continuing to grow the game. I would also like to see every club around the country implementing a Junior Director to solely focus on growing junior golf.

NE Michelle Holmes 2

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