Teaching & Coaching Summit – Janean Murphy

While the Newsletter was in transition at the start of this year, there were a few events that were not publicized.  This  information, although old news, is still worth sharing.  A lot of hard work went into this event so we are bringing it to you now.  Hope you enjoy it!


2015 Teaching and Coaching Summit Review

Theme was on Your Work/Life Balance

By Janean Murphy, LPGA Class A


The wealth and richness of this years Teaching and Coaching Summit was incredible. If you have never attended a summit you should definitely make it a priority. Go for the “get away” experience. Go for the networking. Go for the education. I promise, whatever your reason, it will be worth the time and expense.


The La Cantera Resort was a fantastic location. By hosting this year’s summit in Texas, the centralized location was ideal for both east and west coast attendees.

But what I really mean by location were the views La Cantera offered. Set on a bluff in the San Antonio hill country, the La Cantera Resort offered stunning vistas of the Resort course in the valley below and a peek at the Palmer course snaking its way around the adjacent hilltops. This was Texas hill country beauty at its best.  With beautiful sunsets and great weather, the venue could not have been better this year.


Aside from the beauty and general awesomeness of the location, connecting with members was my favorite part of summit. I was able to meet a few members whom I had never met before and I loved catching up with those I had not seen in quite some time. It was also a huge plus to see the ladies from headquarters that take care of all of us.  Face to face encounters are always so special, and I am glad for any opportunity to see so many members and LPGA staff at once.


This year’s topics and speakers surpassed my expectations. The theme of summit was Work/Life Balance; a great topic to always put into personal practice. I knew several of the speakers by name like Suzy Whaley, Chuck Cook, Jim Hardy and Dr. Phil Cheetham, so I figured just being able to hear from theses speakers would be worth the effort in attending.  Each topic was expanded into so much more than I imagined.  The topics were very relevant and useful.  The speakers were engaging and easy to speak with during the breaks.


Each morning of summit Karen Palacios-Jansen offered Cardio Golf. On the first afternoon of summit there was a “Fireside Chat” with Texas Teaching Legends, and that same evening the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame Celebration took place.  The vendors who brought product to view were so friendly and easy to speak with.  All of these special events were excellent additions to an already fabulous summit.


Thank you to all the people who made summit a success this year. It really shows how much our leaders care about T&CP membership.  They want us to grow professionally, have opportunity to interact with each another and select quality venues that foster growth in learning and social fun.  So, please consider supporting any event that is offered to our membership from tournament opportunities to education.  They offer this to us so that we can continue to grow as an organization but also as individuals.  We are all so blessed to be part of the LPGA T&CP.


Event Speakers and Topics


Authentic Teaching and Leading

by Judith L. Rogers.

Judith spoke about how “understanding and developing your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of ourselves provide us with great capacity to be highly effective in what we do.” She also stated “this wholeness is the cornerstone of authentic teaching and leading.”  So, the more well rounded and in balance you are the better you will be at what you do.


Presenting Yourself and Presenting to Other

by Paul Schempp.

Paul first talked about presenting yourself and the four characteristics of a first impression 1) Competence 2) Trust 3) Knowledge 4) Likeability. Then he broke down how to make a good first impression.  Your body language is crucial in a first impression.  Next, Paul talked about presenting to others.  He broke the presentation down into three key areas. 1) Organizing Information 2) Powerful Presentations 3) Dynamic Demonstrations.  Overall, Paul did a great job reminding us that how we present ourselves and content to others matters.


Teaching vs. Coaching

by Chuck Cook.

If you have never heard Chuck Cook speak and have an opportunity you should go. It’s totally worth it. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing, he also has great stories to tell and is very funny. Chuck clarified the differences we face as ‘instructors vs. coaches.


As golf instructors, we are to know all parts of the game. When we put on the “teacher hat” we are helping our student learn what they need to know, but when we put on the “coach hat” we are helping our student do what they already know.

In some of your lessons you are the teacher and others you are the coach.


Chuck also took the time to show us how he teaches/coaches different tour professionals he works with by using video analysis. He concluded by sharing helpful drills and his philosophy on the golf swing.


A Paradigm Shift in Mental Performance is Coming. It can start with you.

By Garret Kramer.

Garrett stated that feelings are connected to thought, not circumstances. How you respond to a situation is from internal thoughts, not external factors.


One interesting, and useful, take-away of his talk was the analogy of being on a roller coaster for the first time. If you had never experienced a roller coaster before you wouldn’t know what to expect (that there are highs and lows). On the roller coaster in his story you are given an emergency lever. As your car slowly rises to the peak of the first big drop you get scared and pull the brake lever as you are falling causing your to stop at the bottom without knowing that momentum would take you back up the next rise. This is similar to what happens to us on the golf course. In the middle of the round , something bad may happen, we can get scared, nervous,  or anxious and we can collapse.  We have just pulled the emergency lever on this wild ride instead of just enjoying the ups and downs.  Just like that roller coaster we are going to have highs and lows in golf and in life.  The trick is to just enjoy the ride.


A few individuals seem to really understand his concept, but it left many others confused since Garrett missed an opportunity to explain how to start the roller coaster again after you pull the emergency lever. Perhaps he can add that to his next presentation for a more well-rounded concept.



How Do I Balance Everything in My Busy Life?

By Suzy Whaley.

Suzy did a fantastic job addressing work/life balance. She said “some days you pick work over life and other days you pick life over work.”  A balanced life is subjective to each person.  People are influenced each day by their own to do list, core values and beliefs.  She gave us some reflecting to do on these three influences.


Suzy then discussed being the CEO of your own Peak Performance Organization. This organization includes your family, job/career, spiritual life, and friends. Suzy spent a good amount of time giving tips on how to maximize your time; delegating, useful apps, priorities, and a whole lot more.  She is one busy lady and had a wealth of knowledge to share.


Who Are You and What Do You Do?

By Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen.

Kathy spoke on brand identity and marketing. She really dove into social media and said you don’t have to do them all. Pick one and be good with it.  She shared how her marketing strategy has evolved and how she came up with her website name: GolfResultsNow.com.  Kathy also promotes teaching aides on her website.


The Biomechanics Every Golf Instructor SHOULD Know

by Dr. Phil Cheetham.

Dr. Phil explained the goal of biomechanics is to reduce injury, improve performance and design equipment. He also explained that biomechanics is broken down into kinematics – motion or kinetics – forces.  His presentation was on the Kinematic Sequence of the golf swing.  How power and energy are created and transferred in the body.  1) Lower Body/Pelvis 2) Body/Thorax 3) Arms 4) Club. Dr. Phil showed video of swings and broke them down to show us effective and ineffective motion.  This is very fascinating, but the visuals are key to helping one understand what Dr. Phil is presenting.


The PLANE Truth

 by Jim Hardy.

Jim spoke on one plane vs. two plane golf swings. He showed several video analyses of tour pros he works with.  Jim said that he reverse engineers to teach.  He starts with ball flight, next the ball, then the club at impact, followed by the body to produce the club at impact.  I liked Jim’s presentation because he shared a lot of video and talked through what he observed in each swing.


So…Now What?

By Kraig Kann.

Kraig gave us a call to action. He did not want those attending to just go back and do nothing with what they learned. Kraig challenged us to come up with three takeaways from the summit we could apply.  Kraig also explained as Chief Communications officer of the LPGA he is here to promote the T&CP members just as much as the Tour players.  That was great to hear.


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