The Top 10 Reasons to Attend the LPGA Vegas Extravaganza

by Karen Palacios-Jansen,
LPGA T&CP Vice President

10.  It’s in Vegas – Why wouldn’t I go?

9.  I need the CU’s – What better way to accumulate LPGA CU’s than to attend the National Summit and support the LPGA T&CP?  The more seminars that we attend and are successful, the more seminars that will be available to us in the future.  I never miss an opportunity to support our organization.

8. To Socialize – It’s a way to socialize and catch up on gossip and the goings on of my colleagues and friends that I only see once or twice a year.  Great excuse to have a couple of glasses of wine during a weekday!

7. Networking – It’s a great way to find new business and networking opportunities.  I get to find out how others conduct business, I learn new techniques and I get to meet new people that can help me further my career. And maybe I can help someone else out with their career in the process. It feels good to mentor and help others out.

6. Do Something Different – It gets me away from my daily mundane routine. Not only do I get to dress in something different other than golf clothes; attending the National Summit gives me a break from standing on the lesson tee for 8 hours.  This year’s Summit is packed with speakers who are some of the most successful women in our business. I get to see how others operate and get inspired to shake things up in my world.

5. Get to Travel – It’s a way to travel and see the country, rack up airline miles and hotel points.  I love to see different parts of the country and act like a tourist. Who doesn’t love to stay in a hotel for a couple of days where someone else cleans your bathroom and makes the bed for you. All expenses are tax deductible.

4. Learn Something New – A chance to learn new material for my business and teaching from the top teaching gurus and business experts. It broadens my knowledge and challenges me to change the way I teach and do business.

3. Free Stuff – We always get cool free stuff, swag bags and discounted merchandise at the National Summit.  I love to see what is new in the golf world.  It always amazes me how people are always coming up with new teaching aids and devices. Always fun to come home with a few souvenirs.

2. To Be with Other Like-Minded People – Sometimes I get lonely at my job. But when I attend the LPGA National Summit, I never feel alone.  I get to be with other people that ‘get me’, that have the same goals, issues and desires as I do.  I am never alone when I’m with fellow LPGA teachers.

1. It’s in Vegas!

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Pro-Am FUN – Nancy Quarcelino

Didn’t we all get into the golf business to have fun and play some golf?

I played competitive golf many years ago, and when I had the opportunity to get into the golf business I jumped on the chance to do something I loved.  Little did I know at the time, playing golf would become a thing of the past. When you work in the golf industry, playing is no longer at the top of the list!

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How Golf Helps Children – Donna Serino

Donna SerinoAs teachers and coaches, what is our goal with junior golf? Is it to train a future Tiger Woods? Is it to get them to make some kind of contact with the ball? Or is it to be a cheerleader?

I’m going to tell you a story about a boy and his mother.

I teach a lot of juniors and coach a girls golf team. A mother (let’s call her Mary) reached out to me. She was looking for her son, Todd, to belong somewhere in the golf community. The boy was very attached to his mother, and she wanted him to play golf with other kids and become more independent. As I listened to Mary, I could see how much she loved her son and also see the pain in her eyes that Todd didn’t quite fit in.

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Yuri Barclay on coming into golf and working at the PGA Tour Superstore

YuriBarclayGrowing up in Japan, golf wasn’t a very accessible sport. Only the rich Japanese men were able to play. Little girls like me only occasionally saw double-decker driving ranges or a professional event on television. But golf wasn’t popular, especially with little girls. From the sports available to me, I chose ballet.

After a few years, I developed the proficiency to become a Prima Donna, which was the top in my company. At 17, I was accepted into The Royal Ballet School in London, England, but I was injured by a torn ACL weeks before entering the program. After three more years of chasing my dream, I realized I couldn’t perform at that level anymore and started teaching children.

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Women’s Programs at Walnut Creek Country Club By Pat Gray

Walnut Creek has a very active membership with many leagues, events and instructional programs for the women member.  Here are some of the programs and activities we provide which I hope may help give you some ideas of what can be done at your facility!

Instructional League
Our instructional league is designed for the beginning golfer, as well as, the higher handicapper.  It is a four week program scheduled in the month of May.  The structure of the program is 45 minutes of group instruction followed by one hour and fifteen minutes of on course guidance.  The women truly enjoy the Instructional League as it is fun with low stress.  Week four of the on the course portion of the program is a scramble with prizes.  Many of our members participate yearly as they pick up a little more information each time.

Wednesday 9 Hole AM League
This group of women is very diverse.  The league consists of low handicaps, high handicaps and everything in between.  Every Wednesday has a theme and they go all out for their once a month shotgun.  They had “Made in Michigan”, “Carnival”, “Nine, Dine and Wine”.  Please use your imagination of how the course was decorated with games as there are too many to list.  This group of women really know how to have fun on the course.  Socializing and lunch are a large part of this league’s fun.  Many of these participants cross over to the Thursday 18 Hole League. Runs from late April to the end of September.

Wednesday 9 Hole PM League
The Wednesday PM League is very diverse, as well.  It also consists of low handicaps, high handicaps and everything in between.  The majority of the league members work outside of the home, have small children or just consider Wednesdays as women’s night out.  The structure of the league is tee times from 4:30pm-6:30pm with a once a month shotgun.  The shotguns are them based also, such as Pink Ball and Jimmy Buffet nights.  Runs from the beginning of May to the beginning of September.

Thursday 18 Hole League
The 18 Hole League is a little more serious in regards to the weekly events which include:  low net/low gross, blind partners net best ball, 3-2-1 and blind partners team total net.  Even though this league is a little more serious about their golf they still enjoy all aspects of the socialization. Runs from the end of April to the end of September.

Spring Fling
The Spring Fling is the first event of the season.  The format is a Step Aside Scramble.  We use an ABCD format for pairings so there will be a crossover in leagues.  This will enable participants to meet the members from other leagues.  This is a fun way to start the season and a great format to dust off your clubs in the spring.

Spring Member/Member
This is a two member team playing in a ringer tournament format.  A two day event using each member’s net score to combine for a team total.  On day two the player may only better her score.  This event is a big hit at Walnut Creek.

Women’s Invitational (Silver Classic)
The Silver Classic is a member/guest event in which the member gets to choose what other member/guest they would like to have as partners.  This was the main reason that participation improved.  The format is two best ball of four on day one. On day two it is three best balls of the four in the first two flights and the remainder of the flights stay with two best balls of four.  This is the first time in many years that the participation was over 100 players.

Club Championship
The championship is a 36 hole stroke play event with a gross and net division.  For some reason, we struggle to get participates for this event.  All Clubs in the Metro-Detroit Area struggle with participation for their Championship.

Fall Member/Member
Our Fall Member/Member is a two day event with a unique format.  Day one is a Scramble format followed by day two’s format of:  1-6 Best Ball, 7-12 Alternate shot and 13-18 is a Scramble.  A lot of fun is had by all due to the constant changing of the format.  It is like starting fresh with each new format.

Chicks with Sticks
This event is a Solheim Cup Event with one of the neighboring country clubs.  Everyone gets into the spirit, right down to the outfits.  It is a two day event, one day at each club followed by a luncheon at each club.  It is very competitive and fun all wrapped up in a bow.

As one can see, Walnut Creek has a very full and active women specific  golf program and schedule for the members.

Save the Date – NE Section Meet & Greet

Save the date for the next NE Section Meet & Greet!

NE Meet Greet March
March 29, 2016 NE Section Meet & Greet.  Pictured L to R Tarah Miller, Shellie Ferguson,  Joan Lovelace, Lynne Hunter, Mary Leahy, Liz Cooper, Ashley Grier, Gabby Gunawan.

Who:  All NE Section member are invited

What: NE Section Meet & Greet, hosted by Liz Cooper and Lynne Hunter

When: Monday, August 1, 2016 starting at 4:00 p.m.

Where:  Kenwood Golf & Country Club – 5601 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 for 9-holes of golf in a fun format.  Followed by food and drinks at the Irish Inn – 6119 Tulane Ave., Glen Echo, MD 20812

Why: Come meet your fellow NE Section members for a fun 9-hole round of golf followed by the sharing of best practices and networking in a casual atmosphere.  Don’t forget – you will receive CU’s for attending!

RSVP to Liz Cooper ( and please indicate if you are planning on golf and dinner or one or the other.

Rita Reasons Receives Goldie Bateson Service Award

Rita Reasons HeadshotGoldie Bateson was an active member of the LPGA and the first President of the Midwest Section. She was one of the original T&CP members who helped to provide the structure for our organization by developing the Constitution and By-Laws, the testing of teachers, establishing the different sections, and everything else to get the T&CP started.

The Goldie Bateson Service Award was established in 1992 in recognition of the unlimited and outstanding service, time and dedication demonstrated by Goldie Bateson to the LPGA Midwest Section, the LPGA, and the game of golf.

“Rita has done all this and more as a very involved LPGA T&CP Member who has given six years of service as the Midwest Section President,” said LPGA T&CP National President Deb Vangellow. “She gave freely of her time, talents, and expertise to the Midwest Section and to the entire organization as a valuable member of the Executive Committee. Thank you and congratulations to Rita Reasons!”

Rita Reasons has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Goldie Bateson Award.

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Member Profile – Kim Haddow

Kim Haddow – A Coach, A Friend  by Kristie Fowler

I first got to know Kim when she was the Women’s Golf Coach at the University of Arizona.  I have a lot of great memories of my college golf days; some of “what happens on the road, stays on the road”.   Kim developed teams with not only good student-athletes but good people as well.  That’s probably why so many of the players are still friends today after nearly thirty years.  Kim has a great deal to be proud of after accomplishing so many career and personal goals.  It’s my honor to introduce you to Kim Haddow; my coach for a while, my friend for life.        

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