The Top 10 Reasons to Attend the LPGA Vegas Extravaganza

by Karen Palacios-Jansen,
LPGA T&CP Vice President

10.  It’s in Vegas – Why wouldn’t I go?

9.  I need the CU’s – What better way to accumulate LPGA CU’s than to attend the National Summit and support the LPGA T&CP?  The more seminars that we attend and are successful, the more seminars that will be available to us in the future.  I never miss an opportunity to support our organization.

8. To Socialize – It’s a way to socialize and catch up on gossip and the goings on of my colleagues and friends that I only see once or twice a year.  Great excuse to have a couple of glasses of wine during a weekday!

7. Networking – It’s a great way to find new business and networking opportunities.  I get to find out how others conduct business, I learn new techniques and I get to meet new people that can help me further my career. And maybe I can help someone else out with their career in the process. It feels good to mentor and help others out.

6. Do Something Different – It gets me away from my daily mundane routine. Not only do I get to dress in something different other than golf clothes; attending the National Summit gives me a break from standing on the lesson tee for 8 hours.  This year’s Summit is packed with speakers who are some of the most successful women in our business. I get to see how others operate and get inspired to shake things up in my world.

5. Get to Travel – It’s a way to travel and see the country, rack up airline miles and hotel points.  I love to see different parts of the country and act like a tourist. Who doesn’t love to stay in a hotel for a couple of days where someone else cleans your bathroom and makes the bed for you. All expenses are tax deductible.

4. Learn Something New – A chance to learn new material for my business and teaching from the top teaching gurus and business experts. It broadens my knowledge and challenges me to change the way I teach and do business.

3. Free Stuff – We always get cool free stuff, swag bags and discounted merchandise at the National Summit.  I love to see what is new in the golf world.  It always amazes me how people are always coming up with new teaching aids and devices. Always fun to come home with a few souvenirs.

2. To Be with Other Like-Minded People – Sometimes I get lonely at my job. But when I attend the LPGA National Summit, I never feel alone.  I get to be with other people that ‘get me’, that have the same goals, issues and desires as I do.  I am never alone when I’m with fellow LPGA teachers.

1. It’s in Vegas!

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