Member Profile – Ellen Dunne

FullSizeRender  My name is Ellen Dunne and I am in the second level of the LPGA teaching. I grew up in Lauderdale By The Sea, a little town near Fort Lauderdale. If I am not on the golf course, I enjoy going to the beach and going to movies with my friends. Because of my involvement in the game of golf, I attended Florida International University on a golf scholarship. Three out of four years, I made Sun belt all-conference. I graduated with a degree in Park and Recreation and a minor in Sports Management.

I took up the game of golf when I was six years old. The way I became interested in the game of golf is through my sister, Mary Dunne-Hembd. I would follow her to her lessons and when she was playing a golf tournament. My love for the game of golf has brought me some great experience, from playing junior and college golf, to the LPGA futures, symetra professional development tours.

When I was on the mini-tour, I got to travel throughout the United States, meeting new people and getting to see parts of the United States that I would not have experienced if I was not playing golf. While traveling on the tour, I stayed with many wonderful families. Still today, I have stayed close to some of the families.

In particular it was my first year on the tour and I was traveling to Indiana. My college teammate had family living in Crown Point Indiana, close to the tournament site. The Kupchiks have two teenagers who I became very close too. For the next couples of years I always stayed with them when I was in Indiana. They became a second family to me. I attended high school, college, and master graduations and next spring I will be in the wedding party of the oldest daughter.

As I enter a new part of the golfing world, I want to bring the joy of the game to the next generation of golfers. I want them to have the opportunity to meet and experience things that the game of golf has to offer

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