Member Profile: Kate Schanuel, LPGA

NE Section Member Kate Schanuel,
Head Women’s Golf Coach at Towson  University in Towson, MD.

NE Kate Towson 2

How did you get into golf?

My parents sent me to golf camp at our club in Connecticut. We had putting contests, driving range activities, and trivia time. During trivia time we had Kool-Aid and cookies and sat in the shade, which was my favorite! If you answered the trivia questions right you won a head cover, balls, gloves, etc…that got me hooked.

What are some highlights/accomplishments that you have had in your career?

My biggest accomplishment was winning 3 college golf tournaments, especially the win at Eastern Carolina because I shot 69 then backed it up with a 67. I was extremely proud of myself and finally felt all the work I had put into my game, pay off. I also qualified for the Duramed Futures Tour right out of college and played for a full year which was a great experience!

How did you become interested in coaching college golf?

I have younger sisters that play golf and I really enjoyed cheering them on when we were younger. I loved having them in the same events I played in as well and felt I could influence them positively through the game of golf. It was a game we could be competitive in and it didn’t matter if I was older or stronger, anyone could win on any given day!! I wanted to be a coach early on because of this experience with my sisters. After my professional playing career came to a close and I began teaching the game professionally, I realized that my calling to coach young women in golf was unfulfilled so I tried out coaching at the high school level and really enjoyed it. I then proceeded to the collegiate level.

What is your favorite memory or moment from coaching at Towson?

Our spring break training trip to Ireland in 2014!!

What are some of your hobbies/interests besides golf?

I am a new mom, so I enjoy spending time with my son Jackson and love watching him grow and change each day!

NE Kate Towson


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