Letter from the Vice President – Carole Clark

Hello, from Cape Cod!  What a beautiful summer we are having here.  I hope you all are busy if you are in the areas of our section that are in the peak of the season.  If not, I hope you are taking time to rest up for the start of your busy season.

Our section has had several members that have worked their way through the process of becoming an apprentice, a Class B, or a Class A.  Although a good bit of the process is now online, the dedication to completing all of the components is still challenging, especially when coupled with jobs and family.  Congratulations to all those who have accomplished “the next level” in their career this year.

So, what is your “next level”?  How about finding a way to participate in this Association at a deeper level?  You know, do something that will help add value to our membership.  Here are a few suggestions:

Clark_CaroleIf you are putting together your fall and winter schedule, please take a look and find a time to connect with your fellow LPGA members.  Organize or attend a “Meet & Greet” in your area.  These are monthly gatherings, usually for dinner or an activity, with a small group of LPGA and female PGA members, as well as potential members and PGM students.  Easy to do, fun to attend, and a great way to connect. 

Another valuable event that has been popular are the Lunch & Learn programs.  9-holes of golf with a guest speaker at lunch.  Guidelines for any of these activities can be forwarded to you from your section officers or headquarters.

If you don’t see anything happening in your area of the section that interests you, give me a call and I will do my best to get something started. 

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Las Vegas event. 

All my best,

Carole Clark

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