Meet Janean Murphy – By Kristie Fowler

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Janean Murphy, our newly appointed Area Representative for Texas and Oklahoma. Some of you may already know her.  Some of you may get to know her soon as she reaches out to members in order to  help bridge that connected with Central Section activities.  Well, she has an interesting background that I’m going to share with you along with two of her favorite things about golf.

After a successful high school and college golf career she turned her focus to coaching where she was the girls golf coach at The Woodlands High School in Texas.   Janean is proud of All her girls but there are a few successful ones to make note of.  During a six year period she was influential in many lives including LPGA Tour players Stacy Lewis and Katie Futcher.  She also coached Ashley Knoll who is now a Teaching Professional in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Janice Mitchell who is now an OB/GYN.  One of her highlights was having the opportunity to coach the Lady Highlanders to three consecutive Texas State Championships in 2001-2003.

Janean joined the LPGA T&CP Division in 2004 and became a Class A Member in 2008. She further developed her teaching skills at Houston Country Club, WindRose Golf Club, Kingwood’s Golf Advantage School and Memorial Park Golf Club.  She is currently an Assistant Golf Professional at Lakeside Country Club in Houston, Texas where she enjoys developing her two favorite things about golf.

First, she loves fitness and loves to combine it with golf. So she launched her “GolfFit” class this summer and incorporated the Orange Whip into her program.  Version A of the program uses a lot of cardio where Version B is slower paced and focuses more on strength training.  The classes have become quite popular with the members.

Her second favorite is she loves to work with beginners. She says they are like a “blank canvas” and have pure joy for the game.  She loves to watch them light up with excitement when they hit shots and see that golf IS a game they can learn to play.  This contagious excitement that beginners get is what takes her breath away and helps drives her passion to teach golf, at all levels.

Janean Jr. League

This summer Janean started a PGA Junior Golf League at Lakeside Country Club. She had 64 Kids participate with four teams competing within the league.  What a great way to build team spirit, grow the game and make lasting friendships.

Janean has continued her education and service to the LPGA. She is TPI level 1 and US Kids Golf Certified and previously served as a member advisor.  In addition to our Area Rep she is also serving on the Education Committee…..So, If you have any ideas for education programs I’m sure she would love to hear them.

Janean seems to have found her niche in the golf business and while having fun, is also having a great deal of success. Lakeside Country Club, it’s members, her students, the LPGA and the game of golf are all benefits of her efforts.  Great Job Janean!  And thanks for sharing your story.

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