Be You – Valerie Moore

13620824_10210002191357074_9141792950425180319_nDo you ever wish you could go back to your younger self and share something of value that you know now that you wished you could have known then?  Every single one of us has value.  We are born with many different skill sets and talents, but as women, we often look more at what we cannot do rather than what we can do!  We focus on that never ending list of things to do, rather than what we have accomplished!

I know I for one would go back and yell at the top of my lungs to my younger self…”BE YOU!”  Now I am not saying I was a liar, imposter, or con artist.  I was just never satisfied.  I was always trying to be better and nothing was ever good enough.

This goes right along with what I did as a young golf professional.  I know many of you have or currently have seasonal jobs both up north and down south.  I did as well when I was in my twenties and into my thirties.  I moved every six months for five years and found by the end of it, I was completely miserable.  I did not know or understand the value of building relationships, and for me I found it difficult to do this in six month increments.  I was on a hamster wheel that even if I was a hamster, could not enjoy.  Life was going too fast and I could not enjoy the ride.  For me, working up north and then down south was not easy for me and then to turn around and do it again for four more years.  I only did what I thought the golf industry “expected” I should do to get ahead.  If I would have been my authentic self in my twenties instead of trying to be everything to everyone, I probably would have been in a different place.  But no regrets and of course there are many professionals that do this for many years.  My hat is off to them.  My main point is this:  BE YOU, whatever that may entail.  Walk through your fear, be confident, and know that everything always has a way of working out.

I continue on my journey since December 24, 2015 of taking a leap of Faith by starting my own mobile golf academy.  Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  And I have to say I am really enjoying this ride.  I hope I have inspired at least one of you to BE YOU because there is no one else out there like you!



One thought on “Be You – Valerie Moore

  1. Thanks to all sections up dates and interesting comments on this great game as to how we can enjoy our life teaching and learning from our pupils and associates 🏜


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