A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats, But We Can’t Row It Alone – Carol Preisinger

Carol PreisingerAs we all navigate through the tidal waters of our golf industry, sometimes we encounter smooth sailing and other times rough waters. Some say, “that’s life”, and some say, “that’s golf”. No two days are ever the same, and our ability to adjust to this random environment of life and work is critical. All you can do is the absolute best that you can do. Especially in this digital age, which is supposed to make us more efficient, right? I don’t normally get personal in this platform, but since my 3 terms as SE Section President is almost completed, I want to share this with every Apprentice and New Member of our Section, and the T&CP.

Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected to each other, How do YOU stay connected with your Section and T&CP membership?
Visiting the T&CP Extranet?
Reading the Monday Morning Memo’s through email?
Opining on the LPGA Social Media pages…
Or, dare I say it…
Attending a T&CP National Event or a Section Meet and Greet?

Working full time since joining in 1988, I made the effort to attend as many T&CP Educational programs that I could, played in as many T&CP tournaments as I could, hosted and presented as many T&CP programs as I could, served as a National Evaluator, and served as Secretary and President of our section. These experiences gave me a map to navigate my career while being a contributing member—but I didn’t row it alone.

I met as many people as I could. These people who I met, watched, learned from, listened to, spoke to, sat next to, had lunch and dinner with, had laughs with, played golf with, served with and worked with, and have become friends with—these people gave me my oars, helping me make my way through my journey in golf. Not all of these times were smooth sailing, but I learned something nevertheless.

Go get your oars and row your boat. Find the people who can help you use those oars. Go places and meet people who need oars just like you. You might be one who gives someone else an oar. If there’s a Meet and Greet in your area, GO have dinner with the group. If there is a play day, GO play golf with your colleagues.

PLAN TO ATTEND THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS THIS FALL, “Women at the Top of Their Game”. Learn how these women guided their ship with a tide of support. I guarantee you these successful women didn’t row it alone.



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