Like Mother, Like Daughter – By Lisa Conley

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lisa Conley and I am a Life Member of the LPGA T&CP Division.  The purpose of this was to introduce myself to you but I want to take this time to share this with another member, Retired Life Master Member, Doris Earls.

Lisa's Golf Clinic (2015)-04Back in the late 70’s, Doris Earls, who happens to be my Mother, was trying to find a way to fill some empty space in her life after raising my brother and I. We had both gone our own ways, Dad was working and Mom found herself with a lot of idle time on her hands.

She had always been involved in golf. Either playing with my Dad, her friends, or being a very active volunteer with my Junior Golf Programs, where I was a participant. One of the kids, that she had watched grow up, told her that she needed to become a professional teacher because of the way she handled the kids (and parents) in Junior Golf.  This was something she had never dreamed of since, while being a decent player, never thought she played like a “Professional”.  After realizing it was now her passion she joined the LPGA, became a T&CP Member and accomplished her mission.

Soon after she became a Class A, she tried to encourage me to join because she fell in love with it very quickly. Honestly, I wanted no part of it.  This was her world and I had a different world.  I enjoyed being busy at work and playing with my friends after work and on weekends.  I was very satisfied with my life.  One day in the mid 80’s I received a call from the same friend that had convinced my Mother to turn Professional, and he needed some part time help at the golf course he was running.  I debated but agreed to help him.  About three months later, my part time job turned into full time, and guess what, I LOVED IT!  Sometime later, Mom knew I was hooked so she turned on the charm again and this time she won!  I signed up, joined the LPGA and became a Class A Member.

This story is not to tell you about the many accomplishments we’ve had, the jobs we’ve held, the positions we’ve held within the organization, the thousands of private lessons given, the numerous women’s clinics we’ve done together or all the other great things we’ve encountered over the last 30 years. It is to tell you how special the past 30 years have been sharing a special bond with my Mother that will last forever.  We have a very special relationship and because of golf and the LPGA we have grown closer over the years.  Golf and the LPGA have given us the opportunity to share a wonderful passion together, and for that I am forever grateful.  Today at the ages of 57 and 79 (sorry Mom), we both teach at the same facility in Texas and are still going strong, teaching both private and group lessons.  We have the opportunity to play golf together and share stories about our experiences during family gatherings.

If any of you have Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Nieces, Cousins, or friends, encourage them to become involved with the LPGA. It will give you both a lifetime of sharing, a dream you can share with someone special and will create a lifetime of great memories.  I am honored to have been a part of a great organization and to be able to share it with my Mother.  Thanks Mom, I love you forever!


3 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter – By Lisa Conley

  1. Nice story Lisa. I can attest that golf is something that brings a parent and child together. My son Wes started playing at 9 and he and I have spent hundreds of hours on the course together. Now my grandson Jaxson is learning to play. It tends to stay in the family. DE Cordova is so lucky to have you and Doris and what you bring to our community. Phil


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