Join Me in Vegas Baby! by Louise Ball

louise-ball-vegasI am a sports nut!  It’s true, I’ve always been that way.  I grew up in a sports crazed family in Boston, a city with a rich sports history.  I guess you could say sports are in my blood.  I love everything about them.  I’ve lived in Knoxville TN now for 16 years.

Knoxville is the home of the late Pat Summitt, one of the greatest coaches in sports history.  What a treat it was for me to watch her coach, to see her love of sport, people and community.

October 28 we all have a chance to get together for the love of sport, more specifically golf, which binds all of us together.  We have the opportunity to compete, learn from others, spend time with one another, to catch up.  Time to take a break from our busy schedules to relax and enjoy the game we love through a different means.

There are some great speakers lined up.  I would like to talk about one in particular,  Joan Cronan. I am honored to say that Joan is a friend of mine.  We met through golf.  It is because of Joan that I got to give Pat Summitt a few golf lessons and play some holes with her and some of her pals.  At the time, Coach Summitt had already retired due to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  Golf was a way for her to stay active both mentally and physically.  She and Joan were great friends.

Joan Cronan is an amazing lady.  She has an extensive sports background, with most of her career spent as Athletic Director at the University of Tennessee.  I encourage you to check out her bio and see how much she’s accomplished in her career.  I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak many times, and I’m so excited for my fellow LPGA members to meet her.  She is a great speaker with so much to share.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to attend the Las Vegas conference in October, I can honestly tell you that you will be glad that you came when you meet Joan and hear her speak.  There are so many other great speakers as well, including LPGA member Debbie O’Connell, talk about energy!   Nearby the host hotel/casino is Red Rocks park, a beautiful place to hike.  There are many great restaurants nearby as well.  Of course there is gambling!  I encourage you to put your “sports nut” hat on and come and be inspired in Las Vegas at the Sun Coast Casino!!  See you there!!


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