2016 NE Section Coach of the Year: Member Profile Molly Braid

Northeast Section Member Molly Braid is the Head Women’s Golf Coach at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.


How did you get into golf?

I participated in summer camps with my siblings and cousins when I was very young and really enjoyed my experience at our local country club, so when I had some friends encourage me to try golf in High School I didn’t hesitate. From there, what really got me hooked was playing with my father and his friends on the weekends. My father is one of the best playing partners in the world, I can’t help but have fun and enjoy myself on the golf course when I am with him.

What are some highlights/accomplishments that you have had in your career?

This entire fall season has been a highlight and full of great accomplishments by the players who worked so hard for the past year to take their games to another level. Last week, the team came close to tying a record set by our #5 nationally ranked team three years ago and I am certain they will break it before too long.

Before making the change to coaching at the collegiate level, I was empowered by Dana Rader to rebuild and write new curriculum for her Junior Golf programs. Running Dana’s Junior Golf Academy with her guidance was a great highlight in my career, but helped me define who I am as an instructor and golf coach.

How did you become interested in coaching college golf?

I have always been interested in coaching sports and when I started teaching golf full time, I continually read and did research on performance, which lead me to want to spend more time with each of my students and see their games in a greater depth, from practice to competition. Coaching at a collegiate level is a great fit for this model.


What is your favorite memory or moment from coaching at Ithaca College?

When the team won the Conference Championship last fall, and instead of going out to dinner when we were done playing, the team wanted to drive back to Ithaca and pick my husband up so we could all celebrate the win, along with my husband and I’s first wedding anniversary, together.

What are some of your hobbies/interests besides golf?

I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially hiking and walking with my family and our dogs. I also enjoy the challenge of cooking healthy meals while pairing them with great wine.



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