Lynn Marriott “Incredibly Honored” to be Inducted into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame

lynn-marriottLynn Marriott joins an elite group of their peers as inductees to the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame.

The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Hall of Fame, established in 2000, is the highest honor given to teaching and club professional members for extraordinary membership service and leadership while contributing to the game of golf and the golf industry.

Lynn Marriott has dedicated her career to discovering more about how people learn and spreading that information to others. She truly is the student’s teacher. For the entirety of her professional career, Marriott has known that she wanted to pursue golf instruction professionally. Despite pressure from parents, co-workers, and management to pursue grander ventures, Marriott was determined to follow her heart.

She recounted a time when we was in the early stages of her PGA of America membership, where she was told in an interview that she should consider becoming more involved in operations by becoming a Director of Golf rather than a teacher—that teaching was not a lucrative path. Instead of discouraging her, though, the interview rekindled her desire to become a teacher, and she promised herself that she would prove them wrong.

And, in over thirty years of involvement in the golf industry, she has become one of the most successful golf instructors in the country, boasting a world-renowned golf school (VISION54), several bestselling books on golf, and a plethora of awards to her name.

What seemed to drive her was not simply a love of teaching and her students, but an endless fascination with the reason behind why some players got better and others did not. This question shaped her teaching philosophy and opened doors to explore human behavior and performance more in-depth.

Michael Hebron, author of many golf coaching books himself, wrote of Marriott that she focuses on expanding “her own insights by attending many education programs on the topics of human development, the nature of learning, coaching, playing the game, [and] many online programs over the last 30 years.”

Her forays into learning behavior paved the way for the current methodology used by the LPGA National Teacher Education Program (TEP), where Marriott took the lead position in 1988 and where she remained for the next ten years. In this role, she helped future LPGA teachers learn more about how to facilitate their students and develop their own coaching skills. Her main takeaway from this was that she could positively affect so many students beyond her immediate reach. As fellow LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame member Annette Thompson wrote, “[Marriott] continued her own personal and professional growth at all levels while serving her members, students, clients, and fellow professionals.”

Near the end of her time with the LPGA TEP program, she began her most notable work when she partnered with former LPGA Tour player Pia Nilsson to host a teacher and coach education seminar, which was to become their company and golf school VISION54 a year later. The success of VISION54 lies in the phrase “We saved another one”, fondly referring to those players on their last leg, who are ready to give up on golf entirely due to limited success with technical fixes to their game. Marriott wrote, “To see [these students’] eyes light up and for them to understand a bigger view of their golfing experience is incredible.” Since instituting VISION54 in 1999, it has routinely been award one of the best golf schools in the country, and its coaching program has gotten the highest marks from its peers several times over.

Marriott’s personal achievements mirror her professional ones, having been named one of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers List for the past sixteen years and Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers List for the past twenty years, ranked Number Two Woman Teacher in America for the past four years, a Top 50 Teacher for Women the past thirteen years, LPGA National Teacher of the Year in 1992, The 2010 Southwest PGA Teacher of the Year, and the 1989, 1992, and 2002 LPGA Western Section Teacher of the Year. She has twenty-five years of experience coaching Tour Players, seven of which have gone on to win major championships including those on the LPGA Tour, PGA Tour, European Tour, Ladies European Tour, Japan Tour, and Japan LPGA Tour.

“I am incredibly honored and thrilled by this recognition and induction into the LPGA Hall of Fame,” Marriott said. “I will continue to learn, explore, and am inspired more than ever to support and coach players to reach their aspirations and goals with the game. I love our game and want so many more to enjoy all that it offers whether it’s for the best players in the world to the recreational ‘real’ golfers.”

In the wake of her evident passion for the game built over the entirety of her career, Marriott is welcomed into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame.

Past inductees to the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame are: Peggy Kirk Bell, Marilynn Smith, Patty Berg, Shirley Spork, Betty Hicks, and Louise Suggs in 2000; Goldie Bateson, Ellen Griffin, Dede Owens, and Joanne Winter in 2001; Ann Casey Johnstone in 2004; S. Annette Thompson in 2006; Kerry Graham, Lorraine Klippel, Pat Lange, and Penny Zavichas in 2008; Patti Benson, Carol Clark Johnson, Kay McMahon, and Jane Read in 2010; Mary Dagraedt, Nell Frewin-Hays, and Nancy Quarcelino in 2012; and Shirely Englehorn and Donna White in 2014.

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  1. Those.fortunate to attend your sessions are able to go forward helping those gain the proper mind set! Hope all our members one day can see the light


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