Noblett wins Midwest Jeri Reid Award

Suzanne Noblett
Indiana’s Suzanne Noblett was recently awarded the Jeri Reid Spirit of the Game Award for 2016. Noblett, who was a friend of Reid, who passed away earlier this year, was thrilled with receiving the award. Noblett said, “Jeri was such a great person and she and I were good friends so this means a lot to me. “

Noblett, who lives in Fort Wayne and is originally from Evansville, Indiana, is a Class A member of the LPGA T&CP Division. This past year she established “Noblett Golf Services,” which she operates from privately owned Cedar Creek Golf Course as well as the Bobick’s Driving Range in Fort Wayne. Noblett adds this award to the two Midwest Section Teacher of the Year Awards.

Noblett is a little unique in her teaching as she always wears knickers; her dog accompanies her to the range and sits on a golf cart during lessons; and she aptly provides videos of herself to her students doing drills so her students will have those for future reference.

As Jeri Reid fought cancer, the award was designed to keep Jeri Reid’s spirit and love of the game alive. Past recipients of the award were: Jeri Reid (2014); Patricia Gray (2015).



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