Meet Susie Helmerich

I have been an LPGA member since 2006 and I was the first graduate of the Managerial Leadership Track.  I strongly believe earning the accreditation of a Class A Managerial Leader has put me in position for much success professionally.

I am currently the Head Golf Professional at Evergreen Golf Course, located just outside of Denver, Colorado.  In 1925, the mayor of Denver at the time thought the more affluent citizens that were vacationing in the nearby foothills of Denver needed a golf course as a form of entertainment.  So even though we are a part of the City of Denver golf system, we provide a unique golf experience unlike any of our other City Courses.  Our elevation is about 7,220 feet and we basically sit between a mountain and Evergreen Lake.  Throughout the season, there’s a herd of anywhere from 25-75 elk that roam through the golf course, making it an even more unique round of golf!  About 50% of our guests come up from Denver and the surrounding communities, while the other 50% of our players are vacationers and visitors to the area.

Personally, I am a mother of two teenage boys, Jackson is 16 and Davis is 14.  They are my true passion and I love being their mom.  Both of them play golf and spending time with them on the golf course is one of my favorite things to do, for sure.  The tricky part is getting two busy boys to commit to a few hours with their mom!

Thank you, Susie, for sharing your story!  It looks heavenly and your boys, I’m sure, are proud!


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