2017 Annual PGA Show in Orlando

pga-show-1The Annual PGA Show in January is always a crowd pleaser for golf professionals and manufacturers around the world. Attendees meet in Orlando, Florida to shop the latest equipment, apparel and everything golf. They are there too to have fun and to schmooze with golfers from everywhere you can imagine.

The event also provides a venue  for professionals to attend golf and teaching workshops as well as award ceremonies.

Two of our northeast section officers have written a message to share with you after attending the PGA Show this year.

Cindy Miller, NE Section President

Happy New Year everyone! 

I saw many of you at the PGA Show at either educational workshops or on the floor of the show. I always leave the PGA Show excited about the new season with so many ideas on how to improve myself, learn more, and better communicate to my students.

There were so many different opportunities to learn new things.  The LPGA did a wonderful job scheduling great events back to back where you could stay in one location and learn about a lot of different topics. Thank you!

One thing I will take away is to stay teachable.  Always be open-minded to know that you don’t know it all.

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 with great officers to work with!  Here’s to an even better 2017!

Debbie O’Connell, NE Section Treasurer

Attending the PGA Show offers a variety of opportunities! My two main objectives this year were to connect with my fellow LPGA colleagues and to broaden personally and professionally. The LPGA  Seminars provide the perfect venue to accomplish my goals!

I attended five of the seminars offered by the LPGA. In just two days learned about the brain and performance, mastering the greens, a variety of junior programs, and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf best practices. I was also inspired during the seminar called  “Coaching from Your Manifesto: Declaring a Clear Purpose and Vision.”

I began using everything I learned immediately! Overall all of the seminars offered a tremendous value to my continued growth and education. I encourage all of you to attend as many of the seminars and webinars offered by the LPGA as is possible. You’ll just keep getting better!


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