A conversation with Erin Szekely, LPGA

Learn about how Erin got started in golf, and what she is up to now! Erin is also the Tournament Director for the Northwest Women’s Open which will be held at Twin Lakes Golf Course in Washington. For more info, visit www.northwestwomensopen.com

by Rebecka Heinmert, LPGA Western Section Secretary


Meet Connie Cramer Caouette

Meet Connie Cramer Caouette – By Kristie Fowler & Connie Cramer Caouette

As an LPGA Member for over 30 years, Connie Cramer Caouette has worked long and hard in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, Montana! Although time has gone by like the blink of an eye, she has so many vivid memories and shares with us a few of those moments. Not only has she learned to manage two 18-hole golf facilities…. staffing, teaching, budgeting….she has also had the challenge of learning to manage the “Wildlife” as nature meets the golfing public. Ladies, please meet Connie Cramer Caouette.

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