Meet Your Southeast Section Officers

Over the next few months enjoy reading the answers to several questions answered by your officers!  This month we feature your Treasurer, Dona Lerner, Owner of the Dona Lerner Golf Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tell us about your golf background and experience:

I played lots of junior golf.  Started the game at the age of 12 at our family driving range! Today, I really don’t get a chance to play much anymore.

What about your “non-golf” career background?

I was VP of Global Distribution at an Automotive Replacement Glass Co until I retired in 1999.

What is your current job title?

Director of Instruction

Type of facility?

Private club, public academy

Are you an employee or independent contractor at the facility?


What types of programs and services you are involved with at your facility?

Youth programs, GGR, Individual instruction, elite player programs, EWGA, USKids tour director 3 tours

What do you consider the best advice you have ever received in terms of your profession or life?

Do what comes naturally and never think you have all the answers. It’s like life, an ongoing experiment.

What would you say was the worst advice you have ever received in terms of your profession or life?

It’s a man’s job, you will always be 2nd class

Can you describe your most memorable golf lesson?

My student Pearl Meyer of NYC started as a single lesson, and it became a mother/daughter relationship until her death a few years ago.

Have you ever told a student anything you regret?

Everything in the 1st year probably!

Seriously, I had a Jr who wanted to hit it farther, but, in my opinion, his fundamentals were not developed. I told him he couldn’t until we developed them. Dad became disenchanted and fired me. Moved to another teacher who focused on power only and now this young man cannot break 100. I regret I didn’t keep it to myself and work from the background to give him both.

Best advice you would give a new golfer learning the game?

Have someone teach you fundamentals first. Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture.

Best advice you would give a non-competitive junior golfer’s parents?

Have fun with your child. If he wants to play a hole, then pick flowers for a hole and only chip and putt a few holes it’s OK. Just let them have fun and keep his/her behavior appropriate in the process. Do not push them to be structured and perfect.

Best advice you would give a highly competitive junior golfer’s parents?

Have fun with your child on and off the course. Celebrate and keep golf in Perspective. Do not over schedule lessons, practices and tournaments. Allow your child to develop and compete without losing his/her childhood.

What do you consider an ideal job setting?

One where everyone who is there wants to be there and contributes.

Favorite book you have ever read!

Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts

Hobbies/ Interests?

Cooking, travel, special circle of friends

Why did you join the LPGA T&CP?

To be a member of a professional women’s golf organization!

One unique thing no one knows about you!

I was a twin at birth!

Favorite thing about being an LPGA T&CP member.

I get to share a great game with a large spectrum of amazing folks. I’m outside in the fresh air, and I am surrounded by absolute beauty provided by mother nature.


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