Golf Experiences for Her – Gia Bocra


LPGA member Gia Bocra thinks outside the box when it comes to being a female golf instructor. Partnering with fellow professionals from different clubs, Gia offers women an enjoyable customized experience around their favorite sport, golf.
Read below about Gia’s Golf Experiences for Her.

Since accepting my first golf job as a teenager 24 years ago, I’ve been blessed to have grown in the industry and to have taught professionally alongside some of the best instructors the game has to offer. Today, I’m heading into my 8th season as the Teaching Professional at Hamilton Farm Golf Club—a beautiful course nestled in the quiet countryside of Gladstone, NJ.

05-08-2Despite the many many positives, one thing my experience has taught me is that, for a variety of reasons, the golf business is a challenging one for women, especially trying to figure out how to maintain my career and my love of teaching, and remain true to myself, all while simultaneously caring for my marriage and our three young children.

After months of soul searching and tossing these questions around in my head, Golf Experiences for Her was born.

Golf Experiences for Her are highly customizable, golf- and lifestyle-centered events providing women—individuals, executives, and their female clients—opportunities to advance their golf games while incorporating sophisticated off-the-course experiences. HER golf modules provide guests, whether novice or avid players, with clearly communicated and individually-tailored information for game improvement and increased confidence on the course and at the club.

HER Events also allow guests to customize an experience by supplementing their golf itinerary with a variety of Lifestyle Modules. Each module offers a luxurious experience hosted by experts in their respective professions. Lifestyle Modules can include aspects of corporate leadership and team building, as well as segments dedicated to fashion, gastronomy, wine, or wellness.

Events are set up as an alternative to the traditional ladies member-guest, take the form of a pop-up event, or can be the simple creation of a special day for attendees.



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