Women in Golf Wednesday! – Nicole Weller


Nicole Weller

Where you live:

Savannah GA

Where you work & what you do:

The Landings Club, Head Teaching Professional (create, organize, host golf schools, clinics, new golfer league, guest speakers and golf instruction / youth golf programming as well as instruct over 700-800 lessons/year for adults and children)

How long have you been an LPGA member? 

Started the process in the late 90’s and member for over 16 years

How was the process of becoming a member for you?

I entered into both the PGA and LPGA programs at the same time. Lots of studying at that time!  I loved my NEP1 experience… Carol Presinger made it really fun. I had heard and read a lot about her and took my NEP at her facility and she was so nice, I’ll never forget that first experience and enjoyed meeting new lady professionals in the making as well.  Carol also had an incredible spread of snacks J  I went to class there at City Club Marietta and then again for the Level 1 test and took other levels at LPGA International and tested at World Golf Village as well.  I remember the awesome camaraderie at LPGA International and being able to go outdoors and learn how to teach outdoors rather than just in a classroom or thought videos.  Real hands-on experience was fun… helping each other, hitting shots eyes closed or lefty… I recommend going through the LPGA Teaching Education programs for everyone who wants to be a well-rounded teacher, even for men.

What does it mean to be an LPGA member to you?

I love being part of a bigger ‘sisterhood’ who share the sincere desire to learn and not just go to something for the points/credits.  Sharing ideas, reconnecting with those who can discuss similar experiences and are so giving of their time to help each other makes me feel like I’m a part of something very special.

What is the best part about the membership for you?

I love being connected to all ladies who like golf for various reasons… club professionals, teachers, Tour players.  We ARE the Ladies Professional Golf Association.  Love being a Girls Golf Site Director (my chapter in Knoxville gave me some of the best volunteer friends and memories of my life!) and love the support that HQ always provides no matter what.  They’re a great team of leaders!

What advice would you give someone just starting the program or thinking about starting?

Welcome to a great group of ladies who love golf and love helping other people with their golf!  Enjoy the process, network and make new friends and acquaintances and experience all the Summits / Workshops / Tournaments that you are able to… it’s special!


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