Karen McMeekin Proclaimed “Certified Humane Animal Investigator”

by Ken Steadman and others

Not Only is Midwest Section Class A Member, Karen McMeekin a great teaching professional, she also has taken on a passion of hers in fighting cruelty to animals.

When Karen moved to Tennessee from South Florida in 2004, she learned the plight of the homeless pets in the area. Her original intention was to move to Crossville to teach golf. She relocated to the mountains after teaching school for 11 years following her graduation from the University of South Florida.

She eventually began playing amateur golf across the State and then climbed to the ranks of the LPGA Class “A” status. While building a golf business in Fairfield Glade at the former 4 Seasons Par 3, she became more involved in animal welfare.

She felt desire and determination from a Higher Power to help these condemned and helpless animals. In 2006, Karen and a group of dedicated volunteers first started helping the local shelters by taking dogs and cats to off-site weekend adoption facilities to help get them exposure.

Recently, McMeekin has become a Certified Humane Animal Investigator to help her in her dedication to animals. She is the Founder and President of A Time 4 Paws (AT4P) in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Many of her community members are very familiar with the organization and have taken advantage of the services that are offered.

According to McMeekin, “Numerous cats and dogs have found loving homes from the AT4P Adoption Center. A Time 4 Paws is a no-kill, non-profit animal welfare organization. Their mission is to provide and promote education and programs that will eliminate the killing of homeless dogs and cats and to prevent cruelty to animals.”

As an investigator, “I have been exposed and personally involved with several animal cruelty investigations in the community. They include dog/cockfighting, puppy mills, backyard breeder’s
neglect, poor housing, lack of food and water, cruel chaining to trees or fences and anti-tethering laws.” The National Animal Cruelty Investigation (NACI) School came to Karen’s attention and she enrolled, with the help of an anonymous donor, to the University of Missouri to complete her studies. Karen urges each of us to be on the lookout for animal cruelty offenders.

There are many areas where volunteers can assist and gain personal satisfaction. Learn more about AT4P and consider volunteering by contacting the website at www.at4p.org or email


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