Women in Golf Wednesday!


Jennifer Cully


Where you live: 

Saint Petersburg, Florida


Where do you work & what do you do: 

Apollo Beach Golf Club …Independent contractor/Teaching Professional, 

LPGA T&CP …Global Education Team Member, Educator and PTE Evaluator 


How long have you been an LPGA member?

Since 1992


How was the process of becoming a member for you?

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of becoming a class A member in the LPGA. I went through the PGA education at the same time and quickly realized that I was drawn to the teaching education that the LPGA is known for.   I love to learn and thought going to education and seminars was fun. I had great mentors paving the way. I am thankful for the friends I have made though the LPGA too.  


What does being an LPGA Member mean to you?

I have been a fan of the LPGA since I was a child. To be a member of the LPGA makes me very proud. Doing what I love and sharing the game of golf with others drives me every day. It is awesome to see the game growing rapidly amongst women and girls and know the LPGA organization and I am an influence. I take my roles very seriously and feel honored to be able to be a caretaker of the game I love. 


What is the best part about the membership for you?

The LPGA sisterhood.  I enjoy playing in tournaments spending time with friends, learning with friends, sharing ideas, being mentored by wonderful role models and now mentoring others myself. It is the supportive people who all share the same mission that I enjoy the most.  We are here to help nurture each other and watch each other grow greatness! 


What advice would you give someone just starting the program or thinking about starting?

Set goals and write them down. Take your time, be patient and enjoy the process.  Read the manuals, use the resources, practice and do not be afraid to ask for help.  Teaching is an ongoing process of learning about your students and yourself and there is always more to learn. Seek people who do what you want to do. Spend time with them and ask questions. Be active in the association and it will give you more than you asked for in return. Be prepared to stand up for yourself in this business of golf. 


What do you love most about the game of golf?

Oh my list is long….Golf has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. The game runs in my family!  It is a game that brings people together. I love being in nature and relish in the stillness and the peacefulness I find on the course. I love the traditions and history of the game. I mostly love the never ending challenge that golf provides.  I never tire of seeing a beginner get hooked on the game when they hit the sweet spot the first time. I enjoy seeing great shots whether I hit them or someone else. For me, it is a satisfying game on so many levels and there is no other game like it. 


Anything else you would like to share:

I love to play golf and enjoy using my old hickory clubs circa 1925.  I welcome my LPGA friends to come play in the annual US Pro Hickory Tournament in Tampa, FL next winter. We want to grow the ladies division. Bag and clubs are provided with entry if needed. C’mon it is fun to play golf dress up and go back in history. Grab a friend & join me! 

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