Member Spotlight: Molly James


Current position/work: 

“Teaching Professional at Windsor Golf Club.”

LPGA Class A Member since:

“1995. PGA Member since 1995.” 

What does your day look like?

“A normal teaching day for me consists of a playing lesson from 8-10 am followed by 3-4 private lessons. I take a break from 2-4 pm when I get into “mom-mode” to pick up the kids from school. I live across the street from the course so I usually walk back to teach my group classes from 5-7 pm.”

Who was your idol growing up?

“My idol growing up was Babe Didrikson Zaharias. In fact, I dressed up like her for Halloween one year and I am pretty sure none of my friends knew who I was. “Babe” was an amazing athlete and successful not only at golf but other sports as well. I played many sports growing up and truly believe she is one of the greatest female athletes of all time.”

What are you obsessed with right now?

“Right now I wouldn’t say I have any obsessions but I am very interested in fitness and keeping myself healthy and strong. I turned the dreaded 50 a couple of years ago and started Cross-Fit and absolutely love it!

I walk my two dogs every day and I also play indoor soccer. I played soccer in college and it is great to be back competing in my first sport. I feel so my stronger in my 50s than I did in my 40s because how active I’ve become. It certainly helps to hit the ball farther and I love to pass on my strength tips to my students.”

What was the last time you tried something new?

“I am a creature of habit so I don’t try a lot of new things. I still have the same clubs I bought for myself when my youngest daughter was born in 2004. I love them and they work great! Why change? I joined the coaching staff at Sonoma State University a few years ago and absolutely loved it. It was a huge change from teaching and I look forward to going back someday when I have more time. Right now it is too challenging to try to juggle kids and the travel schedule of a collegiate team.”

What books would you say have had the biggest influence in your life? 

“I am embarrassed to say I’ve never been a huge reader! Sorry Mom! I love to watch movies and I read a lot of articles on just about every subject. When I first started teaching golf, Dr. Dede Owens gave me her series of golf instruction handbooks and I read them cover to cover. She signed them for me and wrote a great note inside… I will treasure them forever!”

What do you most want to be known for?

“I am really passionate about what I do and sometimes take on too much of the emotions of my students, but I would really like to be known as the golf teacher who truly cared.

I love what I do and will never stop trying to help someone succeed. Balancing my schedule with being a wife and mother has been a juggle at times. Raising kids is a team effort. My husband is also a coach and we work great together. Our daughters are growing up to be very strong and independent women and this is partially due to the fact that they see the passion I have for my profession.”

What’s next for you?

“The “magic question” is what’s next? I have been in the golf business for almost 30 years and don’t see an end to it anytime soon! I love what I do and don’t think I can hangup my spikes anytime soon! I really look forward to when my husband can retire and the kids grow up so we can travel and play golf!”



Women in Golf Wednesday!


Katie Detlefsen

Where you live:

Estero, FL

Where you work & what you do:

I’m the Director of Instruction at Raptor Bay Golf Academy in Bonita Springs, FL.  Previously, I spent several years as an Assistant Coach with Florida Gulf Coast University and have also worked as a Rick Smith Golf Academy Instructor. I’m a Trackman owner and TPI Certified pro.

Teaching is my main role at the Academy but I’m also in charge of marketing (which is what I studied in college), program planning, etc. I spend a few months in the summer teaching in my home state of Minnesota at Somerby Golf Club.

How long have you been an LPGA member?

I’ve been an LPGA member for 7 years.

How was the process of becoming a member for you?

The process of becoming a member was very positive for me. From the LPGA Staff to the T&CP members I met early on, I was (and continue to be) overwhelmed by the way women in this organization encourage other women. I was also impressed by the quality and importance placed on the Teacher Education Program.

What does it mean to be an LPGA member to you?

Everyday I’m proud to be an LPGA member.  I want to represent our organization well by providing the best possible instruction to my students.  For me being a member of the LPGA also means getting involved with efforts to change the game for the future.  Whether it’s LPGA Golf 101 or Girls Golf I think it’s important to get behind initiatives that “change the face of the game” and allow everyone the opportunity to experience this wonderful sport.

What is the best part about the membership for you?

The best part of being an LPGA member is the relationships I’ve formed- with fellow LPGA pros and with my students.

What advice would you give someone just starting the program or thinking about starting?

One of my good friends, as well as my sister, have become LPGA members in the past two years which I’m so excited about. I would recommend to anyone thinking of starting the program to jump right in, you won’t regret it. Seek out other instructors to help mentor and guide you and never stop learning!

Additional Information:

Big thank you to all of you ladies who welcome new members, share your knowledge, lift others up, help your students to reach their potential and make a difference… you inspire me!  Also, reach out if there’s a way I can ever help YOU!

Member Spotlight: Erin Menath


Current position/work:

“Assistant Center Manager, ClubFitter and Coach

GOLFTEC Bellevue WA”

LPGA Member since:


What does your day look like?

“My typical work day consists of 10-15 scheduled lessons either indoors or out.  During the winter months I mostly focus on large swing changes with my students.  Throughout the Spring we are working on transitioning the new swing to the course; as well as tightening up the short game.  This is when I also make sure each student has a solid set of clubs and that each club in their bag is not hindering their improvement or success.  Most of my club fitting fits into this portion of the year.  Throughout the summer we work on managing emotions on the course and PLAYing the game.  Outside of work I am kept very busy chasing after our 2 year old son.”

Who was your idol growing up?

“Gabrielle Reece, professional Beach Volleyball player.  She championed women’s strength and wellness.”

What are you obsessed with right now?

“Mountain Biking is certainly an obsession of mine!  Its a wonderful escape, seriously good exercise and an effective and powerful outlet to blow off steam.  It’s all about being present in the current moment. Rolling with it.  Going with the flow. Everything else, all the crap that life can throw your way, is magically blurred out.”

What do you wish you would have known 10 years ago?

    • “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Life and it’s challenges are all uncomfortable.  So get comfortable with that.
    • Rest before you are tired! (lessons of life with a 2 year old)
    • Dont take yourself too seriously (working on this).  At the end of the day we are all ants trying to chase the same things.  Lighten up and have some fun.”

What was the last time you tried something new?

“I broke my back, compression fracture, snowboarding 16 years ago and have been fearful of getting back on the slopes.  My wife is an incredible skier and she wanted our son to learn at a young age.  This year, he and I both got up on the hill skiing.  I’ve fallen back in love with snow sports!”

What books would you say have had the biggest influence in your life? What book have you gifted the most?

“Influence: Malcom Gladwell’s books: The Tipping Point and Outliers.”

Gifted: My mother-in-law, S.J. McCormack, authored a book called NightWitch.  “Farm girl to aviator in the heroic WWII Russian flying unit the Germans called the Night Witches…” 

What do you most want to be known for?

“At the end of my life, I hope that people think of me as being a kind and loving individual, mom and wife.”

What’s next for you?

“My individual career long term goals are to continue growing as a coach/mentor and furthering my knowledge on Biomechanics and Golf Science. “