Women in Golf Wednesday!


Melanie Mark


Where you live:

Sebastian, FL


Where do you work & what you do:

I am a retired Golf Course Superintendent and currently working as an independent Golf Instructor at Sebastian Municipal Golf Course.


How long have you been an LPGA member?

I joined the LPGA T& CP membership in 2014


How was the process of becoming a member for you?

 I am currently a Class B instructor in pursuit of Class A attainment by December 2019

The process of becoming a member and a certified Class A instructor has been very exciting, interesting, challenging at times, and extremely rewarding.


What does it mean to be an LPGA member to you?

Being a member of the LPGA means authentic credibility. Being a member of such a world class organization is not taken lightly, not by the members and not by the public at large. LPGA members are seriously engaged and passionate about creating a positive golfing experience for ALL golfers of ALL skill levels and growing the game of golf, particularly for women.


What is the best part about the membership for you?

The opportunity for continued education, networking through several medias and visiting / observing other LPGA instructors, which ultimately creates wonderful new contacts and friendships.


What advice would you give someone just starting the program or thinking about starting?

GO FOR IT! The experience will enrich your life in ways you’ve never even thought of….

Thank you!…. to all of  the educators, administrators, officers and members for creating and carrying on a world class organization for women!!


Women in Golf Wednesday!


Brittny Lott

Where you live:

Fayetteville, GA

Where you work & what you do:

The First Tee of East Lake as the Girl’s Golf Coach

How long have you been an LPGA member?

Almost 4 years

How was the process of becoming a member for you?

Exciting!…not too difficult, either.

What does it mean to be an LPGA member to you?

It means a lot! I am able to maximize my talent, helps others enjoy the game, be a role model to the young people I teach and have a network of amazing women to connect with.

What is the best part about the membership for you?

Honestly, the credentials that come from a quality education and an accredited organization.

What advice would you give someone just starting the program or thinking about starting?

Just do it! Assess what it is you actually want to accomplish…if helping others flourish in the game is a part of it, then you need to join the LPGA!

I consider it an honor to be a part of this organization and I am appreciative of your consideration of me!

Meet Nina Krats!


My name is Nina Krats and I have been an LPGA member since 2001. I started out my career in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, CO, working at Haymaker Golf Course. In the summer months, I worked as an assistant professional taking care of tournaments and overseeing Junior Golf. In the winter months, I kept busy at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp as a supervisor in the children’s ski school. I guess you could say I had the best of both worlds!

I am busy these days at Foothills GC in Denver, CO where I have been since 2008 working as an Assistant Golf Professional and Director of Instruction. My husband Jim and an avid golfer. I am the Mom of two daughters. A 15-year-old who plays a little golf, field hockey, and lots of lacrosse; and an 18-year-old who is a freshman lacrosse player at Fresno State. For the past 10 years, I have been responsible for bringing an innovative and creative touch to the lesson program at Foothills GC. As the lead instructor at Foothills, I teach a wide variety of students, but my passion is teaching women and juniors.

On the schedule for 2018 are my very successful “Ladies Only” Clinics now in their 18th year and 9 and Wine classes… all 4 sessions were sellouts last year! My gals really get into the spirit!

ladies in cart

Junior golf is exploding at Foothills Golf course. We begin every spring hosting an Open House for kids 5-12! This is a free event for the first 100 kids to sign up where they are exposed to the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full swing. “Golfzilla” always makes an appearance and is the most popular of our hitting stations.



I captain 4 PGA Jr. League Teams. We have tons of fun and we get to play some amazing courses in the state of Colorado!

Girls Golf made an appearance in 2017, and while small we made sure it was extra fun! We are off and running for 2018!

I can occasionally be found at one of the local elementary schools helping administrate the Golf In School Program! #indoorputting


We are super kid friendly all over our facility. Our Par 3 boasts BIG and small cups to make playing golf fun for everyone! We LOVE our kids at Foothills GC!


We start them out young. My youngest Lil Pee Wee student is 2 years old!!!!!