Hands First Method Wins Hands Down


by Diane Cody

DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. – Minnesota native, Barbara Moxness, won the Senior Division of the 2018 T&CP National Championship, held on Pinehurst No. 8 in August.  It wasn’t her first win in that division – she also won in 2012 – and it probably won’t be her last.  But in some ways, it may just be her most satisfying.  Not only did Moxness outplay everyone in the Senior Division, which includes competitors age 50 and over, but she beat every player in every division in the entire National Championship, finishing with the lowest 54-hole total, a 4-under-par 212!

Moxness is no stranger to tournament play.  She qualified for the LPGA Tour in 1978, finishing in the top ten in all LPGA Majors including the USGA Women’s Open, The Nabisco Dinah Shore, The LPGA Championship and The DuMaurier Classic. She had three second-place finishes and ranked 18th on the money list in 1982.  But something was missing.  “Why didn’t I compete better?” lamented Moxness.  “I was frustrated and started to lose my love for the game.”   She left the tour in 1986 to raise her family.

Shortly thereafter, she met San Diego golf teacher, AJ Bonar, whose unconventional approach to teaching the golf swing turned her game around.  She shot a 67 in the first competitive round she played after using what he taught her.

“You need to understand how the brain works,” explains Moxness.  “Forty-two percent of brain allocation goes to your hands.  What are your hands going to do with this club?”

The “Moxie Process,” which involves focusing on your hands vs. hips or other body parts during the swing, is explained in her book, Golf from the Inside Out.  “The book defines the physical, psychological and spiritual parts of golf,“ says Moxness.  “The athlete is there; it’s a matter of bringing it out.”

The Shirley Spork Super-Senior Award

Moxness’ 2018 Senior Division win included another accolade: she also picked up the coveted Shirley Spork Super-Senior Award, which recognizes players aged 65+.  The award was established at the 2009 T&CP National Championship by LPGA Founder, Shirley Spork.

“Creating the Super Senior Division allows more active coaches and teachers to participate,” said Spork.  “I would even like to see a Super-Super Senior category for ages 66+ or 70+.  We have to recognize all our coaches and teachers, no matter what age, and encourage them to keep playing in our tournaments.”

This dual win was the first occurrence since the inception of the Super-Senior award, which is a strong testimony to the effectiveness of the “Moxie Process,” perhaps proving that anyone of any age can play to their potential by using Moxness’ hands-first method.  “It’s fun to teach this way!” adds Moxness.

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