Jane Frost to be Inducted into the LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame



Frost and fellow teaching professional Lynn Stellman represent the Hall of Fame class of 2018

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Nov. 21, 2018 – Jane Frost, a long-time member of the LPGA Professionals who has coached LPGA Tour legends such as Jane Blalock, Nancy Lopez, Sandra Haynie and Pat Bradley, has been elevated into elite company as a 2018 inductee to the LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame.

Frost, who earlier this month was honored as the recipient of the 2018 Ellen Griffin Rolex Award, joins fellow LPGA Professionals member Lynn Stellman in this year’s Hall of Fame class. They will both be inducted at the 2019 LPGA Teaching and Coaching Summit, at a time and place yet to be determined.

The LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame, established in 2000, is the highest honor given to teaching and club professional members for extraordinary membership service and leadership while contributing to the game of golf and the golf industry.

“I am incredibly honored to receive the Call to the Hall and thank the committee for their belief and support of my contributions to the LPGA Professionals and to the golf industry,” said Frost. “It is validation that I have made a difference along the way and to be recognized by your peers with this high honor is simply astonishing.

“To each member of the LPGA Professionals, thank you for inspiring me throughout the years. I share this recognition with each of you and will continue to challenge myself to be better each and every day. May this inspire all teachers and coaches around the world to make a difference and to strive for excellence in all they do.”

During a 36-year career as a teaching professional, Frost has demonstrated a deep passion for the game of golf and a heartfelt desire to pass along her knowledge and guidance to students and aspiring LPGA Professionals members. She is constantly studying, learning and researching the best ways to coach each person, and her methods and programs have evolved as she combines new research and technology with perceptive and sensitive personal interaction.

Frost has donned several hats as a golf teacher, including assistant professional, teaching professional, director of instruction, director of golf, general manager and head professional. In 2002, she established the Jane Frost Golf School “to better provide a variety of programs for golfers of a wide range of abilities and economic levels” and in 2014 the school transitioned into The Jane Frost Golf Performance Center. One year later, the Center opened a state-of-the-art Golf Studio affectionately called ‘The Barn’ – a direct inspiration from Miss Griffin’s ‘The Farm’.

The Center’s coaches provide club fitting, youth programs, adult new golfer programs and family programs, while the Center has also established a tradition of organizing charitable benefits for organizations such as The Sandwich Food Pantry, Breast Cancer Research, The American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s and Lupus Foundation.

“Jane’s exemplary accomplishments and accolades are well chronicled and undoubtedly speak to her worthiness of an LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame honor,” said LPGA and World Golf Halls of Fame member Pat Bradley. “However, in my opinion, she is an LPGA and golf industry standout because of her unrelenting passion to see more and more people enjoy the experience of playing golf. She combines expert knowledge of the various components that contribute to a golfer’s ability to discover a better game.”

The inaugural class of Peggy Kirk Bell, Marilynn Smith, Patty Berg, Shirley Spork, Betty Hicks and Louise Suggs was officially inducted into the LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame on Oct. 25, 2000, at the kickoff dinner for Celebrating Women in Golf – which was held at the World Golf Village as part of that week’s LPGA’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Inductees to the LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame since then have been: Goldie Bateson, Ellen Griffin, Dede Owens and Joanne Winter in 2001; Ann Casey Johnstone in 2004; S. Annette Thompson in 2006; Kerry Graham, Lorraine Klippel, Pat Lange and Penny Zavichas in 2008; Patti Benson, Carol Clark Johnson, Kay McMahon and Jane Read in 2010; Mary Dagraedt, Nell Frewin-Hays and Nancy Quarcelino in 2012; Shirley Englehorn and Donna White in 2014; Dana Rader, Gloria Armstrong and Lynn Marriott in 2016. 

About the LPGA Professionals

The LPGA Professionals (formerly the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals), founded in 1959 as an outgrowth of the LPGA Tour, boasts the largest membership of women golf professionals in the world. LPGA Professionals members are certified as golf instructors, coaches and business managers through a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the changing needs of the golfing public.

More than 1,700 strong, LPGA Professionals members are dedicated to the advancement of golf and serve throughout the golf industry as head professionals, assistant professionals, teaching professionals, directors of golf, owners of golf schools and facilities, golf administrators, college and high school coaches and more.

LPGA Professionals members support the LPGA’s various grassroots programs that were created to involve women and youth in golf as well as contribute to the overall growth of the sport. These programs include LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, LPGA Tour Junior Clinics and the LPGA Lesson Zone.

The LPGA is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Fla. For more information, log onto www.lpga.com.

Media Contact

Mark Lamport-Stokes, Director of Public Relations, LPGA

mark.lamport-stokes@lpga.com, +1 386-274-6260

One thought on “Jane Frost to be Inducted into the LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame

  1. Pat Lange sent a congratulations card to Lynn Stellman at an old Palm City Florida address with no forwarding available. Please send this information to Lynn Stellman.


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