2017 LPGA T&CP Southeast Section Mixed Team FINAL RESULTS

Pro-Am Team

1st Place   Susan Fasoldt, Jerry James, Mike Vallencourt, Bill Hartaker
$100 Gift Certificate

2nd Place  Cathy Edelen, Kevin Paschall, Bev Williams, Alan Williams
$75 Gift Certificate

3rd Place   Rhonda Ferguson, Tim Peterson, Mike Craig, John Newmans
Titleist ProV1X

Mixed Team

Place LPGA/PGA Pro Score Purse
1st Charlotta Sorenstam and David Hronek 102 $500 per Pro
T-2 Susan Fasoldt and Jerry James 103 $350 per Pro
T-2 Cathy Edelen and Kevin Paschal 103
4th Gail Graham and Mike Valicenti 105 $150 per Pro
T-6 Stephanie and Adam Eiswerth 106 $50 per Pro
T-6 Halley Morell and Ed LaPierre 106
T-6 Gina Hull and Nic Content 106


Closest to the Pins

Male Amateur: Bill Hardaker                      New Balance Golf Shoes


Female Amateur: Cathleen Wong             New Balance Golf Shoes


Professional: Brian Hughes                       $ 50.00

TPC Sawgrass – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
July 30 – 301, 2017

LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals Partner with Mobipaid

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program to benefit from new alliance

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., June 21, 2017 – The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Teaching and Club Professionals (T&CP) membership announced today a new partnership with payment technology provider Mobipaid.

As part of this partnership, Mobipaid will be an Expo sponsor for the LPGA T&CP Teaching Summit, a national golf conference in Des Moines, IA., from August 20-22, 2017 and the Welcome Reception Sponsor for the LPGA T&CP National Championship at Mid-Pines Resort in Southern Pines, NC., from September 4-6, 2017.

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After Two Terms As T&CP President, Dana Rader Enters Hall of Fame

By Lisa D. Mickey


When former LPGA T&CP President Dana Rader reflects on her career en route to this year’s Hall of Fame induction, she credits those who helped her along the way.

She also describes the two terms she served as the T&CP’s President as the “best six years of my life.”

“Sometimes it was tough,” admitted Rader, owner/operator of the Dana Rader Golf School in Charlotte, N.C. “We had to make cuts and some changes that not everybody liked, but it was necessary. It was fun work.” Continue reading

LPGA MW Officers Introduction – Louise Ball

Happy New Year everyone!

louise-ballThank you for choosing me to be your new President. I’m excited and honored to lead the LPGA Midwest section into the new year and a new era!  I’d like to first thank Rita Reasons for her six years of service to our section as President.  Her time and dedication is much appreciated!   I’ve learned a lot from Rita while serving with her as the MW Treasurer, and I hope to continue to do great things for our section in my new role as President.  I live in Knoxville TN, and I’m the Owner/Director of Instruction at the Tennessee Golf Academy.  I teach full time to a wide range of students.  I’ve been a Girls Golf Site Director for 17 years, and will be hosting a National Girls Golf Academy this summer at our facility.  We are very excited!!  I will be attending my first Executive Committee meeting at the end of January at the PGA Show in Orlando.  I look forward to jumping in and being part of the bigger picture regarding LPGA business.  I will be your voice, a responsibility I take very seriously.  Throughout my term as President, I encourage you to contact me with any good news, concerns or questions regarding your membership with the LPGA.  My goal is to bring our section closer and create a greater comradery among our members.  I want to hear from you!  I want to hear about your ideas.  I want to encourage you to get involved in some way if you never have.  If you’re looking for some guidance and direction, I will do my best to provide you with that.  We are all in the same LPGA boat, let’s row in the same direction and make 2017 a year for growth, both personally and professionally!  I look forward to working with you and for you!

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2016 LPGA T&CP National Team Championship Final Results

Place Golfer Name Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Total Purse 2nd Day Purse
1 Neumann, Liselotte
Bartholomew, Jean
65 57 122 $6,000 $2,000
2 Austin, Sally
Hill, Carolyn
67 59 126 $5,000 $125
T3 Sorenstam, Charlotta
McCurdy, Amanda
68 59 127 $3,166 $125
T3 Ferguson, Stephanie
Smith, Sherry
69 58 127 $3,166 $1,250
T3 Folquet, Malia
Benz, Amy
67 60 127 $3,166
T6 Alcott, Amy
Imrie, Kathryn
69 60 129 $1,425
T6 Koyama, Debbi
Curdt, Alison
71 58 129 $1,425 $1,250
0T6 Ause, Angela
Nause, Martha
70 59 129 $1,425 $125
T6 Hurst, Pat
Dormann, Dana
69 60 129 $1,425
T10 Bonhurst, Joy
Grimes, Lisa
68 63 131 $750
T10 DePaulo, Lisa
Sheehan, Patty
72 59 131 $750 $125
T10 Johnston-Forbes, C.
Palli, Anne Marie
67 64 131 $750
T10 Bermingham, Jennifer
Heinmert, Rebecka
68 63 131 $750
T14 Bozarth, Marci
Cully, Jennifer
69 63 132 $450
T14 Finney, Allison
Drew, Heather
71 61 132 $450
16 Samp, Kristen
Atsedes, Lori
72 61 133


Piper Award – goes to the most improved from day one to day two. Patty Marquis and Kim Estep. Improved 18 shots. Kelley Spooner on the left helped create the award.


Carolyn Hill and Sally Austin (2nd Place Team Championship Winners)
Liselotte Neumann and Jean Bartholomew (Team Championship Winners)


Place Golfer Name Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Total
T16 Jacobs, Mary
Walla, Kristin
70 63 133
T18 Tyler, Laura
Davis, Marlene
73 62 135
T18 Glasgow, Clara
Zimron, Jamie
71 64 135
T18 Jones, Marjorie
Hanley, Shannon
71 64 135
21 Ritchie, Mary
King, Debby
72 64 136
22 Palmer, Sandra
Salmon, Bobbi
73 64 137
T23 Ishiguro. Teresa
Spooner, Kelley
75 63 138
T23 Nevatt, Linda
Davis, Beverley
73 65 138
T25 Kirsch, Peggy
Edelen, Cathy
72 67 139
T25 Fischer, Jamie
Rule, Shelly
75 64 139
T25 Quinn, Christie
Greggain, Jennifer
74 65 139
28 Teno, Christa
Gustafson, Peggy
71 69 140
T29 Huntley, Lee
Bradwynne, Bari
75 66 141
T29 McCammon, Cherie
Bradley, Rebecca
76 65 141
T31 Zamboni, Teresa
Henderson, Nancy
78 64 142
T31 Moore, Mindy
Graham, Gail
75 67 142
T33 Kornegay, Stephanie
Anselment, Tiffany
76 67 143
T33 Lynd, Julie
Chamberlain, Marge
78 65 143
35 Tanaka, Jue
Hayes, Stephanie
79 65 144
36 Szekely, Erin
Eckes, Dixie
78 68 146
37 Lawrence, Mary
Beck, Troy
80 69 149
38 Kern, Jennifer
Coleman, Kimberly
81 72 153
39 Schram, Patty
Liu, Jenny
84 71 155
40 Estep, Kim
Marquis, Patty
88 70 158
41 Montano, Lynn
Nemecek, Shantel
85 74 159
42 Weaver, Jeanne
Henry, Patricia
90 76 166

2016 LPGA T&CP National Team Championship presented by Volvik Pro-Am Final Results


Place Professionals Score Prize Pro Money
1. Bartholomew/Neumann 51.5 Volvik Boston Bag and 1 dozen Volvik balls $300
2. Lynd/Chamberlain 55 LPGA logoed Range Finder $200
3. McCurdy/Sorenstam 55.6 T-LInk GPS Watch $100
4. Montano/Nemecek 55.6 Adidas Golf Shoes $75
5. Smith/Ferguson 56 Sketchers Golf Shoes $50
6. Quinn/Greggain 56.3 Cure Putters $25
7. Hill/Austin 56.7 Loudmouth Travel Bag
8. Nevatt/Davis 56.8 Loudmouth Sunglasses
9. DePaulo/Sheehan 59.3 Rolex Gift Bags and dozen balls
10. Imrie 59.5 $25 Palm Valley Gift Card



Place Professionals Score Prize Pro Money
1. Samp/Atsedes 54 Volvik Stand Bag & 1 Dozen Volvik Balls $300
2. McCammon/Bradley 57 LPGA Logoed Range Finder $200
3. Dormann/Hurst 58 T-Link GPS Watch $100
4. Glasgow/Zimron 59 Footjoy Golf Shoes $75
5. Edelen/Kirsch 60 Sketchers Golf Shoes $50
6. Moore/Graham 60 Cure Putters $25
7. Huntley/Brandwynne 60 Loudmouth Travel Bags
8. Fischer/Rule 61 Loudmouth Sunglasses
9. Bonhurst/Grimes 62 Rolex Gift Bag & 1 Dozen balls
10. Bozarth/Cully 63 $25 Palm Calley Gift Card



Contest Winner Distance Prize
Pro — Hole #7: Nancy Henderson 12’0 $100
Male — Hole #7: Ryan Crespi 7’0 1 T-Link GPS Watch
Ladies — Hole #5: Annika Wilkes 2’3 1 T-Link GPS Watch
Male — Hole #17: Rodgers 2’2 1 T-Link GPS Watch
Ladies — Patty Knight 4’0 1 T-Link GPS Watch


Kristen Samp and Lori Atsedes
Kristen Samp and Lori Atsedes
Jean Bartholomew and Liselotte Neumann
Jean Bartholomew and Liselotte Neumann

Lynn Marriott “Incredibly Honored” to be Inducted into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame

lynn-marriottLynn Marriott joins an elite group of their peers as inductees to the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame.

The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Hall of Fame, established in 2000, is the highest honor given to teaching and club professional members for extraordinary membership service and leadership while contributing to the game of golf and the golf industry.

Lynn Marriott has dedicated her career to discovering more about how people learn and spreading that information to others. She truly is the student’s teacher. For the entirety of her professional career, Marriott has known that she wanted to pursue golf instruction professionally. Despite pressure from parents, co-workers, and management to pursue grander ventures, Marriott was determined to follow her heart.

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