Christina’s Tip of the Week: 4 Steps to Great Chipping

Originally published by Golf for Her ( on June 15, 2016.

Check out NE Section Member, Christina Ricci’s chipping tip from published by Golf for Her!

Imagine the number of strokes you could save if you could get up and down in two every time you’re just off the green? The short shots can be intimidating, but chipping is actually EASY—if you have a good setup and use the right technique. LPGA professional Christina Ricci shows us how it’s done (hint: remember her mantra to maintain your angles and keep your hands “low toward the hole” throughout the swing).

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Member Profile: Michelle Holmes

Member Profile:

NE Michelle Holmes 1

Michelle Holmes, LPGA

Director of Instruction, Michelle Holmes School of Golf

How did you get into golf?

I began to develop an interest in the game at ten years of age. My Dad and his family always had a great love and passion for the game. He took me to a local driving range where I was approached by the local Golf Professional. He asked me if I would compete in a few junior activities that night, simply to even out the numbers. I won myself two movie theater tickets and I couldn’t wait to return the following week. 

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Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Monica Sanders 1Shortly after I began playing as a junior golfer I began a new practice in my teen years: yoga. Even then, it was apparent to me the number of benefits Yoga had on my golf game. Not only the physical benefits of flexibility, balance and core strength, but also the mental practices of staying in the moment, quieting the mind chatter when things occasionally get uncomfortable. 

When I began the process of becoming an LPGA T&CP Member I also started my journey with The First Tee. Going through the two programs concurrently was an eye-opening experience. The two programs mesh together so well and provided me with a foundation of understanding learning styles, creating a safe and fun learning environment and taking a student-centered approach to teaching.  Continue reading

Best Practices – Christa Teno

In my eight years of coaching at Seminole State, change has been the only part of our program that has stayed constant. With that being said, there have been practices that have become the foundation of our National Championship Program.

Our first priority is to create a list of Team Goals. We take a realistic look at our talent and do our best to create goals that each player believes and buys in to. These goals become the purpose of our daily practice and preparation. All we work on, all we commit to must relate back directly to our Team Goals. This begins our journey of team building, team spirit and team bonding.

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Gems on Running a Junior Program – Colleen Henry

When asked to write about some insights on junior golf, I was honored.  Our network has so many fun and engaging professionals that I’m confident what we do at Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course is happening a lot around our Section.  That being said, I’ve discovered some gems (fundamentals) that are the foundations of success for any junior golf program.

Know your ‘WHY’!  Why do you want to coach juniors?  I’ve met several colleagues who say, ‘Nope … not interested in that target market.’  That’s OK.  For me, young people are energizing.  They are so honest, candid and eager to learn.  They live in the present moment, which is a gift many adults are trying to get back to.

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Best Practices – Andrea Knox

Andrea KnoxThe hand-written thank you note…

Of all the best practices that a business person can employ, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to build and strengthen relationships.  In our world of text messages, email, Facebook and Tweets; a handwritten thank you note received by snail-mail conveys a genuine appreciation that has staying power.  Think of the last time you received a hand-written thank you.  How did that make you feel?  Are you not more likely to think of them the next time you need that product or service?  People are also more likely to tell their friends about your hand-written note; and we all know word of mouth and personal recommendations are the best endorsements.

Just remember, keep the note short, sincere and include an invitation to return.  And, don’t forget the stamp!

What are YOU WORTH to THEIR Bottom Line? – Liz Cooper

Liz Cooper PicPlayer Development Math

As we go into the fall season and things start to wind down at your facility now is the perfect time to look back on the programming you have offered in 2015 and show your employer what a positive financial impact you have had on the facility.  This can apply to anyone at a facility that offers programs, including groups, beginner programs, and individual lessons and any other type of instruction.  Going through an exercise the like one below has the potential to really open the eyes of your owner or employer as to what you bring to the table.

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