In the News – Junior Golf Tournament

Toski Junior Golf Tournament
Sunday, August 21, 2016
@ Seagate Country Club
Cost: $65 for 18 holers
$45 for 9 holers
Entry Fee includes one competitive round, lunch and a chance to win two tickets to the 2017 Masters Par 3 Competition.
Register at

If any kids are college bound, we offer scholarships and they can apply online. Last year we gave $9,000 in scholarships.


How Golf Helps Children – Donna Serino

Donna SerinoAs teachers and coaches, what is our goal with junior golf? Is it to train a future Tiger Woods? Is it to get them to make some kind of contact with the ball? Or is it to be a cheerleader?

I’m going to tell you a story about a boy and his mother.

I teach a lot of juniors and coach a girls golf team. A mother (let’s call her Mary) reached out to me. She was looking for her son, Todd, to belong somewhere in the golf community. The boy was very attached to his mother, and she wanted him to play golf with other kids and become more independent. As I listened to Mary, I could see how much she loved her son and also see the pain in her eyes that Todd didn’t quite fit in.

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