Member Profile: Michelle Holmes

Member Profile:

NE Michelle Holmes 1

Michelle Holmes, LPGA

Director of Instruction, Michelle Holmes School of Golf

How did you get into golf?

I began to develop an interest in the game at ten years of age. My Dad and his family always had a great love and passion for the game. He took me to a local driving range where I was approached by the local Golf Professional. He asked me if I would compete in a few junior activities that night, simply to even out the numbers. I won myself two movie theater tickets and I couldn’t wait to return the following week. 

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Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Monica Sanders 1Shortly after I began playing as a junior golfer I began a new practice in my teen years: yoga. Even then, it was apparent to me the number of benefits Yoga had on my golf game. Not only the physical benefits of flexibility, balance and core strength, but also the mental practices of staying in the moment, quieting the mind chatter when things occasionally get uncomfortable. 

When I began the process of becoming an LPGA T&CP Member I also started my journey with The First Tee. Going through the two programs concurrently was an eye-opening experience. The two programs mesh together so well and provided me with a foundation of understanding learning styles, creating a safe and fun learning environment and taking a student-centered approach to teaching.  Continue reading

Create a “Ticket” Program to Drive Participation and Engagement

by LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of San Antonio, TX Co-Site Director Manny Guerra

My wife and I wanted to start an incentive program for Girls Golf that would encourage participation, engagement and of course, fun!  As we know, one of the biggest challenges of any program is retention.  That is to keep our participants interested to keep them coming back. We really strive for them to get the most out of our programs, so we thought that by increasing their level of engagement would increase their level of commitment, which in turn would challenge us to offer them a fun and supportive learning environment.

So how could we add the fun factor while maintaining the integrity of the core lessons of the program? We decided to create an incentive program using tickets.

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Junior Golf – Sally Krystyn

I was surprised and honored to receive the 2015 Central Section Junior Leader of the Year Award.  I was especially honored because I know each and EVERY ONE of our LPGA members does a great job every day to grow the game of golf and many of us do focus our teaching on junior golf.  There are some fantastic leaders in our organization and I am always proud to say I am a part of such a phenomenal group of women. 

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Porter Promotes Girls Golf

By Penny Porter
Midwest Section Vice-PresidentPenny Porter head shot

Spring just arrived here and the flowers are already blooming here in central Indiana….thank you El Niño! I expect the jump start to spring has been a welcome for most of us here in the Midwest. After spending the winter in Florida, I was anxious to get home to start my LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Chapter on Indianapolis’ south side. 

If you were not able to attend the We Are The Women In Golf Breakfast presented by Callaway Golf this year at the PGA Show, it was so uplifting and inspirational. The theme was “Leave No Woman Behind” and within that theme, I took from it how we as women golf professionals should feel obligated to our gender to inspire every girl we encounter and our vehicle to do this is GOLF. Through LPGA*USGA Girls Golf we have started the movement. The increase is phenomenal. In 2010, approximately 5000 girls participated and in 2015, 50,000 girls participated… much growth can we have this year?

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