Letter from the Midwest Section President – Rita Reasons

Rita Reasons HeadshotHello Midwest Section Members!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the Midwest Section “Of the Year” award winners. We have many outstanding professionals in our section who have distinguished themselves in their role as a golf professional not only within the T&CP but in the golf industry as well.

It seems as though every year the bar is set just a little higher, and this year is no exception. The quality of work of these individuals is exceptional.

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Letter form the Central Section President – Marvol Barnard

53035_1715756731658_619411_oHello Central Section Friends!

I would like to congratulate our “Of the Year” award recipients for 2015. Teacher of the Year: Sue Wieger; Professional of the Year: Kristie Fowler; Coach of the Year: Kimberly Self; and Junior Golf Leader of the Year: Sally Krystyn. You are all outstanding golf professionals, and I know I speak for our entire Section when I say congratulations, and well done! I also congratulate all the nominees for these prestigious awards. The golf professionals in our organization work hard, care deeply, and create wonderfully, and you are all to be applauded for all that you do for our association and for our industry.

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Letter from the Western Section President – Malia Folquet

Malia FolquetWhat does the LPGA mean to me?

I think of fun. Inspiring. Women helping women grow.

As a member, I look forward to participating in all the LPGA has to offer.

To me

L – is for learning and leadership.

P – is for participation, passion, and playing.

G – is for giving, growth, and gratitude.

A – is for approachability and appreciation.

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Letter from the Southeast President – Carol Preisinger

Carol PreisingerHappy Summer time! As T&CP members, we have so much to be proud of, and so many events to participate in. An enormous “Thank You” to Dana Rader, Deb Vangellow and Nancy Henderson for the beautiful T&CP personalized bag tags sent to our membership. We appreciate your leadership, love the new logo, and feel appreciated as members. What makes me proud to be T&CP? Several things, one is now being recognized as a valued part of the entire Brand, along with the Tours and Foundation. We are not the best-kept secret anymore. But, most valuable to me are mentors and friendships within the T&CP, and the fact that our Teaching Education has always been leading the industry.

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Letter from the Midwest Section President – Rita Reasons

Rita Reasons HeadshotHope this finds you all well and having a successful and productive golf season!

It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for all the snow and ice to melt so we could begin our golf season in the Midwest. Now with a 104-110 degree heat index, a little cool weather doesn’t sound so bad. Such is the life of golf professionals!

By now you should have all received your new T&CP bag tags displaying our new logo and also seen the new PSA on television promoting our teaching expertise and certified instructors.

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Letter from the Central Section President – Marvol Barnard

53035_1715756731658_619411_oHello Central Section!

Hope this summer is finding you well and busy!

We have so many members doing great things around our Section.  I’m hearing from members who are running innovative clinics and classes, both in adult and junior programs.  You will read about several in this newsletter’s Best Practices section.  If you have a Best Practice idea you’d like to share, please send it to Kristie Fowler for inclusion in our next newsletter.  Remember to send pictures too!  We want our newsletter to be “news you can use”!

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Letter from the Western Section President – Malia Folquet

Malia FolquetHello Western Section.  I hope everyone is having a fun and successful season.

We had our first ever conference call inviting all of our members who would like to chime in and give us your feedback as well as your ideas to make our section the best it can be.  From this call we received some great comments and ideas for fun events that include golf and education all rolled into one.  More information to come but thank Kathy O’kelly for heading up this event.  We also received great feedback to bring more benefits for our members and better ways to communicate.

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