Be You – Valerie Moore

13620824_10210002191357074_9141792950425180319_nDo you ever wish you could go back to your younger self and share something of value that you know now that you wished you could have known then?  Every single one of us has value.  We are born with many different skill sets and talents, but as women, we often look more at what we cannot do rather than what we can do!  We focus on that never ending list of things to do, rather than what we have accomplished!

I know I for one would go back and yell at the top of my lungs to my younger self…”BE YOU!”  Now I am not saying I was a liar, imposter, or con artist.  I was just never satisfied.  I was always trying to be better and nothing was ever good enough.

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Meet and Greets are Here! – Valerie Moore

12801284_10208916266129622_3290584495410744396_nWe are off and running on the east coast of Florida with the start of our very own monthly Meet and Greets inspired by the west coast’s own Carole Clark!  These LPGA/PGA Meet and Greets were designed to bring local golf professionals together to network, share some food and spirits, as well as good laughs.  They will be held the third week of the month on different days of the week so we can accommodate as many schedules as possible.  Our first Meet and Greet was held at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza in Delray Beach and it was an amazing time had by all!  We know a lot of you are up north for the summer or traveling so we look forward to seeing you upon your return!  Please spread the word about our gatherings with your LPGA and PGA friends so we can continue to grow both professionally and personally!  The next Meet and Greet on the east coast of Florida will be on Thursday, August 18th at 7:00pm.  We will be meeting again at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza in Delray Beach.  Please email Valerie at if you plan to attend.  Hope to see you all there!

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Letter from the Southeast Section Secretary — Valerie Moore

I hope this letter finds all of you happy, healthy, and very busy with your customers and students!  I am super excited about our new newsletter format in getting information to our section membership in a timely and effective manner.  I hope you all will enjoy the new format and find it not only helpful, but a way to connect with more of our members.  I also encourage you to reach out to myself or any of your officers if you would like to write an article or submit news.  We are always in need of sharing the amazing things you all are doing to promote this wonderful game!  Our main topics are Junior Golf, Technology, Member Profile, In the News, Best Practices, and Did You Know, but feel free to submit anything and we will find a spot for it.

I wanted to share something with each of you.  I became a Class A member of the LPGA in 2005, but I did not get actively involved until 2015.  I missed out on fellowship, networking, and making a difference in my section and the LPGA as a whole for 10 years.  I asked myself Why and the answer was simple.

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Letter from the Western Section Secretary – Mary Ritchie

MaryRitchieIt has been a great pleasure being your Western Section Secretary this term. I’ve enjoyed keeping you informed on what has been occurring in our section and I’ve also Ioved highlighting the accomplishments of our members.  It is time for me to turn the reins over to another volunteer, as I need to focus more attention on my teams. As of mid-August, I have been the Interim Men’s Golf Coach as well as the Head Women’s Coach at UC Riverside, and I’ve never in my life been so sleep deprived nor as fulfilled professionally.

I hope each of you will deeply consider what your membership in the LPGA T&CP means to you and what you can do to make our organization better.

Wishing you all many birdies and pars!

– Mary Ritchie

Letter from the Southeast Section Secretary – Valerie Moore

2013 Head Shot Revised (2)Fall is definitely in the air!  I am looking forward to much cooler temperatures here in South Florida!

I wanted to share something with all of you.  Although I am not a newcomer to the LPGA, I am a newcomer to getting involved.  I have been a member since 2005, but never had the courage to jump in and get involved.  This year has been the year I took the dive.  I too want to encourage each and every one of you to jump in and become active in our section!  I was hesitant for far too long and I am sorry I did not take the leap earlier.  Everyone has something to offer.

I am fortunate to serve as your Secretary, and, as a result, I have and continue to meet so many amazing women.  We all have skills and talents that are of value.  Be proud of who you are, what you can offer and make the plunge today!  We need you!

All My Best!
Valerie Moore

Letter from the Midwest Section Secretary – Martha Mallott

IMG_1167Congratulations to our “Of the Year” winners: Pat Gray was selected for the Jeri Reid Spirit of Golf Award for 2015 and also the MW Section Professional of the Year; Maria Palazola was selected as the 2015 Teacher of the Year; and Stephanie Barker was the MW Section Coach of the year.  Very deserving award winners for our section!

As fall is in the air in Ohio, I start thinking of things that I can do in the winter to improve my teaching and business. I hope most of you enjoyed the teaching and coaching summit in San Antonio. I am coaching high school golf and wasn’t able to attend because my team was playing its sectional tournament on October 7. I am really jealous of those who were able to attend.

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