Join Me in Vegas Baby! by Louise Ball

louise-ball-vegasI am a sports nut!  It’s true, I’ve always been that way.  I grew up in a sports crazed family in Boston, a city with a rich sports history.  I guess you could say sports are in my blood.  I love everything about them.  I’ve lived in Knoxville TN now for 16 years.

Knoxville is the home of the late Pat Summitt, one of the greatest coaches in sports history.  What a treat it was for me to watch her coach, to see her love of sport, people and community.

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Letter from the Southeast Section Treasurer – Mackenzie Mack

Hello Section,photo

It’s summertime!! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and not melting away.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to eat at the infamous Portillo’s with a long time First Tee friend of mine. She asked if she could bring two of her friends with her and I said of course! Come to find out the two ladies were currently in the LPGA T&CP program. I was elated to meet more LPGA professionals in the Tampa Bay area but was concerned that we hadn’t met before! I tell this story to encourage everyone to get out to the section meet and greets! Life is about who you know, so let’s make sure we at least know each other.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area we will have a Meet & Greet at GameTime October 13th. GameTime is similar to Dave& Busters. It will be a BLAST!

FYI: I am a BEAST at air hockey and welcome any and all challenges!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Your Treasurer,

Mackenzie Mack10984078_10152616995225684_2533276986112347843_n

Letter from the Southeast Section Treasurer — Mackenzie Mack

My name is Mackenzie Mack and I am a recent Class A professional in the Southeast Section. I am honored to be your Treasurer! During my time, I hope to find ways to utilize funds and resources as efficiently as possible, work with the other section leadership team to create beneficial activities and initiatives for the section and most importantly get to know all of YOU, the members, in the section and find out how I can best enhance your membership with our AWESOME section!

I am excited to take on this new role as it will afford me the opportunities to not only use my expertise to fulfill the requirements of the position but also to be more involved in an organization I truly believe in! Let’s be GREAT in 2016! We Got This!

Letter from the Western Section Treasurer – Christie Quinn

Julie Christie QuinnMany of you ask how we are doing financially. How are the fees spent within our Section?  The Treasurers report is my chance to answer those questions generally. I am available anytime for a phone call or email for personal answers to your concerns.  The state of our Section is positive and flush! We started the year with a surplus in our Sections account. Through this year the officers team has organized planned held several seminars and events. This included the acceptance of monies for registration fees and payment of all expenses at a regional level. That’s right YOUR officers have collectively managed the expenditures on your behalf.  The outcome of this is that we as a Section gets to closely understand the operations of the events. Thus resulting in the Seattle seminar did cost more than participated, however the Oregon seminar broke even. Most recently the seminar in Los Angeles the event yielded a profit! All things considered we are still ahead with a surplus for the year. Please submit any ideas you may have for fund raising and ways for us to celebrate our membership in a cost effective way! I love serving you. Call or Text anytime 508-330-6731.

– Christie Quinn

Letter from the Southeast Section Treasurer – Denise Mullen

Denise MullenAHHH, a hint of much awaited cooler temps!  It has been a very hot, humid summer here in central Florida.

I am enjoying my new role as “Nana” to grandson Sean Thomas Wilson, Jr.  Thomas is truly a joy and we are so blessed.

Shout out to Andrea Know for hosting a group of us for an LPGA Learn & Play in August at Grand Haven Golf Club.  Her topic was Big Picture – Big Practices.

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Letter from the Northeast Section Treasurer – Julie Peluso

Julie PelusoHappy Fall Ladies!  Happy Halloween too!

Though some of us are more geographically north than others, many of us are winding down our work season.  I just wanted to offer some encouragement and motivation for the off-season.  To those of you who head south or to a warm area, best of luck over the winter and safe travels.  To everyone, there are a lot of opportunities to better ourselves and I hope the drive to do so exists in all of you.

Please stay up to date with everything the LPGA has going on…at the T&CP and Tour levels.  Please find ways to get involved either with online education, webinars, observing instructors, participating in Section events, playing, practicing, or competition.

– Julie

Letter from the Midwest Section Treasurer – Louise Ball

IMG_11679I would like to start off by congratulating our section “of the year” winners Maria Palozola, Teacher of the Year; Stephanie Barker, Coach of the Year; and Pat Gray, Professional of the Year.  Maria also won the Goldie Bateson Service Award, and Pat the Jeri Reid Spirit Award.  Nice job ladies!!

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Letter from the Central Section Treasurer – Tina Tombs

tina tombsSummer is coming to an end and some of us will soon experience an abundance of cold winter weather.  Others will finally cool down, to where it’s tolerable and our seasons will get into full swing!  All and all, I hope you had a beautiful summer enjoying long days with family and friends.  Hopefully you enjoyed your time on the course, cultivating new relationships and opportunities as you build your brand.

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Letter from the Southeast Section Treasurer – Denise Mullen

Denise MullenI have been in the LPGA since the 80’s.  I chose to join the LPGA because it offered guidance and educational opportunities specifically for women that would enhance my career.

I have been a Coordinator for Evaluators as well as an Evaluator.  This position provided many mentoring opportunities because I was also a Section Mentor.  It was exciting to work with a fellow LPGA members and watch their growth and success through the different levels.

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Letter from the Northeast Treasurer – Julie Peluso

Julie PelusoWhat a thrill it was for our LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals Northeast Section to play host the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in our own NY Metropolitan area.  An event of this magnitude certainly gives a lot of recognition to women’s golf but because of the involvement and sponsorship from KPMG it also recognized the role of women in leadership.  How flattering for us as Professionals in the golf industry to have the forces of the LPGA, PGA, and KPMG collide to create what will hopefully be a long standing event further promoting women in business and in golf.  All of the recognition and promotion of this LPGA Major is a benefit to us as females in the golf industry.

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