Letter from the Central Section Treasurer – Tina Tombs

tina tombsSummer is coming to an end and some of us will soon experience an abundance of cold winter weather.  Others will finally cool down, to where it’s tolerable and our seasons will get into full swing!  All and all, I hope you had a beautiful summer enjoying long days with family and friends.  Hopefully you enjoyed your time on the course, cultivating new relationships and opportunities as you build your brand.

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Letter from the Southeast Section Treasurer – Denise Mullen

Denise MullenI have been in the LPGA since the 80’s.  I chose to join the LPGA because it offered guidance and educational opportunities specifically for women that would enhance my career.

I have been a Coordinator for Evaluators as well as an Evaluator.  This position provided many mentoring opportunities because I was also a Section Mentor.  It was exciting to work with a fellow LPGA members and watch their growth and success through the different levels.

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Letter from the Northeast Treasurer – Julie Peluso

Julie PelusoWhat a thrill it was for our LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals Northeast Section to play host the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in our own NY Metropolitan area.  An event of this magnitude certainly gives a lot of recognition to women’s golf but because of the involvement and sponsorship from KPMG it also recognized the role of women in leadership.  How flattering for us as Professionals in the golf industry to have the forces of the LPGA, PGA, and KPMG collide to create what will hopefully be a long standing event further promoting women in business and in golf.  All of the recognition and promotion of this LPGA Major is a benefit to us as females in the golf industry.

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Letter from the Midwest Section Treasurer – Louise Ball

IMG_11679Summer is in full swing. I hope everyone’s schedule is busy!  I want to encourage everyone to come up with new ideas for your summer golf programs or expand ways to make your successful programs just a little different to keep your teaching fresh.  I have incorporated some new games in to my Junior Golf camps, and I’m getting the kids on the golf course more often.  For my ladies “new golfer groups” we’re playing music on the range and have added signature cocktails to the clinics.  It has been a big hit!

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Letter from the Central Section Treasurer

Tina TombsHi Central Section Members!!

How is your summer starting out?  Hope you are staying cool, calm and collected!  I am on the LPGA Tournament Committee and we are putting together a lot of strategies and ideas for future tournaments.  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions please send them my way.  I am excited for the rest of the summer.  Here’s some of what is going on in our Section and Nationally:

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Letter from the Northeast Section Treasurer – Julie Peluso

Julie PelusoHosts needed!

The NE Section is looking for some professionals to host Play Days.  What is a Play Day?  It is a great opportunity to network, socialize and play some golf with other LPGA T&CP NE Section members.  Typically the Play Day will consist of 9 or 18-holes and some post round food and drinks either at the golf course, at a restaurant or maybe at someone’s house.

Please contact me if you can host a PLAY DAY!!

Please include the following information on your Play Day:

Date, tee off time, cost for cart and food

Phone:  772-475-6086

Email:  juliepeluso@pga.com

Letter from the Midwest Section Treasurer – Louise Ball

IMG_11679Happy spring!!

The bulbs are popping out of the ground and the golfers are too!  Everyone is in a great mood here in TN!

One of the committees I serve on in our section is the tournament committee.   As we get things up and running for 2015, I’d like to challenge everyone in our section to host or attend a “play day.”

This is not an “official” event or tournament;  you may pick any day you’d like and invite any LPGA members in your area to join you for an informal round of golf. Basically, just an excuse to get together and just play golf!  Remember that?

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