Top 100 Alumni Awarded

Congratulations Jennifer Alexander on being selected for the inaugural 2016 Golf Academy of America – Top 100 Alumni List. Jennifer graduated from the San Diego Golf Academy, now called the Golf Academy of America, in August 2004 as the valedictorian. Jennifer has been recognized as a distinguished Golf Academy of America alumnus by her fellow graduates and faculty for her outstanding achievements in the golf industry. We congratulate Jennifer for her commitment as an LPGA Golf Professional and to promoting the game of golf.



Create a “Ticket” Program to Drive Participation and Engagement

by LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of San Antonio, TX Co-Site Director Manny Guerra

My wife and I wanted to start an incentive program for Girls Golf that would encourage participation, engagement and of course, fun!  As we know, one of the biggest challenges of any program is retention.  That is to keep our participants interested to keep them coming back. We really strive for them to get the most out of our programs, so we thought that by increasing their level of engagement would increase their level of commitment, which in turn would challenge us to offer them a fun and supportive learning environment.

So how could we add the fun factor while maintaining the integrity of the core lessons of the program? We decided to create an incentive program using tickets.

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Porter Promotes Girls Golf

By Penny Porter
Midwest Section Vice-PresidentPenny Porter head shot

Spring just arrived here and the flowers are already blooming here in central Indiana….thank you El Niño! I expect the jump start to spring has been a welcome for most of us here in the Midwest. After spending the winter in Florida, I was anxious to get home to start my LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Chapter on Indianapolis’ south side. 

If you were not able to attend the We Are The Women In Golf Breakfast presented by Callaway Golf this year at the PGA Show, it was so uplifting and inspirational. The theme was “Leave No Woman Behind” and within that theme, I took from it how we as women golf professionals should feel obligated to our gender to inspire every girl we encounter and our vehicle to do this is GOLF. Through LPGA*USGA Girls Golf we have started the movement. The increase is phenomenal. In 2010, approximately 5000 girls participated and in 2015, 50,000 girls participated… much growth can we have this year?

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LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – We all need to be involved – Penny Porter

Penny Porter head shotI am in the process of starting a chapter of for LPGA*USGA Girls Golf and I was shocked to find out that there are 85 Girls Golf Chapters in the MW Section and only 30 have a LPGA T&CP Member as the Site Director and one chapter has a retired LPGA Tour Member as a Director. That is 54 Sites that don’t have one of the best golf instructors in the country working with those girls! The retention percentage of girls who participate in our Girls Golf Programs is significant and those girls that stay in the game can use golf in so many aspects for years to come.

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