Meet Susie Helmerich

I have been an LPGA member since 2006 and I was the first graduate of the Managerial Leadership Track.  I strongly believe earning the accreditation of a Class A Managerial Leader has put me in position for much success professionally.

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LPGA Members Managing Courses in Denver – Susie Helmerich


Here is an interesting story for you. The City & County of Denver owns and operates 8 golf facilities; 6 18-hole golf courses, a 9-hole par 3, and a driving range. Out of those 6 golf courses, 3 are managed and run by an LPGA Class A Head Golf Professional.

Susie Helmerich – Evergreen Golf Course

Laura Beuhring – Willis Case Golf Course

Becky Sharp – City Park Golf Course

This is remarkable, considering that Denver is a huge metropolitan area within a thriving golf market. Both Laura and I completed and earned a Managerial Leadership Certificate from the LPGA while Becky obtained much of her management experience before going through the LPGA Program.